Girls just wanna have fun!

The day after Kayode shattered my dreams for he and I, was a Monday. Since I was in no state to be at work, I called my supervisor, Chuka to tell him I was unwell and wouldn’t be able to show up for my shift at the Levi shop at Shoprite where I worked (after all heartbreak is also a disease). Since I had been crying all day the previous day, it sounded like I had a cold and the ever-suspicious Chuka swallowed my excuse, encouraging me to take care of myself.

Ann suggested we go clubbing to take my mind off Kay. Although the club scene was not my cup of tea, (on account of the overpriced drinks and second hand smoke) but Ann opted to foot the bill and I needed to get my mind off men, so I accepted and the house became a chaotic scene as we got ready.

Black nightclub was the scene, the ambiance was dark with pockets of multicoloured lights, loud music and enough smoke to shatter the ozone. I got in the groove as soon as first round of drinks had been consumed. I had been dancing for almost two hours but the shots of tequila I had been taking were not wearing off because Aisha, who was wearing an ultra mini red sequined dress, began to look like a disco ball. It was time to sit down.

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As I struggled to get to our spot in the club, I used Ann as a beckon. Thank God for what she was wearing or I would have just easily gone to sit with strangers. Ann was wearing the same dress as Aisha only hers was white. So I simply walked towards to light.

“Are you okay?” came Ann’s concerned voice.

“I think I had too much to drink,” I slurred. Ann began to laugh, my head began to pound and my stomach protested the excessive alcohol in it. I needed to find a place to empty my stomach and fast. I tugged at Ann’s hand and said, “outside”. She understood immediately and helped me up as we rushed out of the club.

As a bouncer opened the door, a fresh gust of air hit my face as I hurried to the flowerbed just outside the gate of the premises. While I was empting my bowel, I heard Ann say, “ah, there he is… about time.”

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She was looking across the road and waving at a figure in all black attempting to cross the road. I lifted my head and looked in that direction… “Oh God, I will kill Ann… And of all the moments for him to come by it is now that I am in the most undignified… I shelved the thought, I had to through up again.

I could hear them exchange pleasantries as I promised never to touch another drop of alcohol in my life. Just then I heard him ask, “How is Christy?”

The ever so helpful Ann did exactly what I hoped she wouldn’t. She pointed in my direction and gleefully said, “That is what happens when you down one bottle of tequila in two hours.” I wanted a whirlwind to rush by and sweep me far, far away. But I guess God wasn’t in such a giving mood today, as I was about to be shamed.

Once again, Ann was helpful at the very wrong time because I heard her say, “I will go and get water, she would need plenty,” with a hint of laughter in her voice.

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I heard the click of her heels on the interlocking tiles and knew she was walking back to the club.

Although I was glad to be left outside, my present company made inside the club seem like paradise. Not long after Ann’s retreat, I heard footsteps walking towards me, I counted in my mind…one, two, three… nine footsteps and he could reach out and touch me. I did not want to stand up straight so that I would not come face to face with him; most of all I prayed Ann would come out with the water just in time to intervene.

But after about 10 seconds of me bending over… (My little black dress with a low cut V-neck must have been leaving little to the imagination) and him standing there, he broke the silence, “Are you okay?”

I wanted to answer ‘what does it look like?’ but said “yeah” as I got the courage to finally stand up straight.

He had not changed a bit.