VICE-PRESIDENT YemiOsinbajo says one of the reasons he believes God has a hand in Nigeria is that without asking for any position, he was made the vice-president. Speaking on Sunday during a service at the Olive Tree Parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Lagos, Osinbajo said the country had been going forward, and will continue making progress. Osinbajo said a lot of people are confused and asking if the promise, which God made to make Nigeria a great nation, will ever come true. “This country has gone forward and it is going to keep moving forward,” he said. “The reason why I, YemiOsinbajo, without asking for a position, was given the vice-presidency of this nation is because God’s hand is in this business. “And so, I am completely confident that despite where we are today, it is the dawn of a new beginning. “It has begun to show and surely there is a very bright light at the end of the tunnel. “God knows that this country has a plan and purpose in Africa and in the world; the plan and purpose will never diminish or be cut short.” Osinbajo recalled that while he was praying recently, the Lord reminded him of something he asked him to do on the eve of the 2015 presidential election. He said God had asked him to take the communion because he was crossing over and after taking the communion, He took him through the journey from Egypt to the promised- land. He said God reminded him of what happened in that journey. Osinbajo said the role of Christians as spiritual people was not to grumble, but to be steadfast in times of difficulty. He recalled the injunction he gave to the parish in the past about having a role to play in making the country great. Osinbajo said the vision of the Church and that of the country were tied together. He also urged them to be confident in spite of the trial times “as God is going to do incredible things in this country.” Osinbajo was the head of the church before being elected the nation’s number two citizen. Don Moen, a famous gospel artiste, was a guest at the service and he rendered songs of hope and praise for Nigeria and the Almighty. “Unless we go through these challenging times, we won’t be able to appreciate what God will do,” Moen said.

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  • vic

    mr osinbanjo, you will be well positioned in a church rather than in this political position you occupy. your usefulness is next to nil except to play a Tom and Jerry role with buhari who is equally worthless. together, you have sunk our country, nigeria and naira to the point of no return. shame on you two clowns, you are both a disgrace to nigeria and yourselves.

  • sir cyee

    Mr Osinbajo, clap for yourself. Mugu in government or prove otherwise.

  • isaac

    Let me assure you Mr. Vice President, if you are the Christian that you want to be, you do not belong to where you are now, because this is Cesar’s government.

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