The Israel Akpodoro led Urhobo Youth Forum for Change, UYFC, has called on the federal government, Judiciary and the National Assembly, to disregard attempts by a group of persons from Itsekiri ethnic nationality to undermine the existing unity amongst the nationalities in Delta State noting that such action was an orchestra of deceit aimed at perpetually serving the interest of those he described as political jobbers at the detriment of public good.

Akpodoro stated this in Abuja during a visit to the national secretariat of the All Progressives Congress, APC in Abuja on the backdrop of a suit filed in an Abuja High Court against the appointment by President Muhammadu Buhari of Engr. Samuel Ajenakevwe, as the Executive Director of Projects, EDP, on the board of the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC recently.

At the Abuja High Court seeking an injunction to stop the possible swearing-in of Engnr. Ajenakevwe are Messrs: Sunny Demi-Ejegi, Toju Afinotan, George Nami and two others and are all of Istekiri extraction.

Akpodoro holds that the actions of the Itsekiri group was propelled by extreme greed and avarice adding that the office of the EDP, in NDDC was not an exclusive preserve of any component part of the region saying, the President of the federal republuc reserves the right to decide “who gets what, when and how” as he called on the Senate not to hesitate to swear-in Engr. Ajenakevwe whom he describe as the best man for the job.

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According to the UYFC, the appointment of Ajenakevwe remains the best on the board of the NDDC and the most acceptable while describing the plaintiffs as disgruntled element being brainwashed by Chief Ayiri Emami, to promote his selfish interests fly Itseiri flag.

The plaintiffs according to the group are Peoples Democratic Party, PDP renegades whom he said parade themselves as members of the ruling APC warning that the party should kick them out of its fold adding that Chief Ayiri and the former EDP, …Tuoyo, were at the pivot of massive rigging at the polls against the candidates of the APC in 2015 adding that Chief Ayiri fly itsekiri’s national flag in his bid to shortchange other ethnic groups in Delta State in a clandestine moves to promote his greed.

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He called on the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC to probe all the contracts awarded Ayiri when Tuoyo an Itsekiri man was the EDP on the board of the interventionist agency.

Preemptively, the Urhobo youth leader noted that an indept investigation by the anti graft agency into the activities of the EDP under Tuoyo will reveal so many inadequacies occasioned by contract splitting, contract abandonment and outright looting of that office by Tuoyo whom he described as Ayiri’s protege.

In this era of ‘Change’ Akpodoro further stated that this administration doesn’t promote greed, bigotry, fraud of any kind and outright stealing like it was the norm under the former administration wherein he alleged that Ayiri and his PDP men flourish using Tuoyo to do his bidding on the board of the NDDC.

While warning Ayiri to steer clear of whatever concerns urhobo nation the ex-militant leader said the Urhobo people remain the largest homogenous entity in Delta state with largest numerical strength in any election wondering where the ‘Ayiris’ locate their superiority over other groups in delta state.

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“The mention of Itsekiri by these greedy lots in their bid to towards the appointment of an urhobo son is a smokescreen for their criminal averice. They are members of the PDP funded by their godfather, Ayiri to embarass Urhobo nation.

“We as a people are not taking Ayiri’s insult with kid gloves, therefore, we call on EFCC to probe the duo of Tuoyo and Ayiri as it concerns the past management of NDDC. Ayiri has an unfortunate reputation of wanting to take the place of Urhobo, Isoko, Ndokwa and Ijaw nations when it comes to issues like. It must be noted that none of these nationalities is less Deltan than the Itsekiri and none is a conquered territory of Ayiri’s group.” The vociferous Urhobo youth leader stated.