Ogun State Government has urged its citizens to avoid traveling to troubled areas of Ondo State until the true nature of the disease outbreak in the state is ascertained.
Though there has been no report of spread in the disease, the state government said it has also placed its disease surveillance teams on red alert.
Ogun State shared border with the troubled Ondo State through Ogun Waterside local government area of the state.
In a statement signed by the State health commissioner, Dr Olaokun Soyinka, a copy of which was made available to newsmen yesterday, the state government said it was keeping in touch with its counterpart in Ondo State for proper monitoring of the situation.
The government also allayed concerns of citizens in the state saying there was no immediate happening to believe that the illness was contagious.
The Government assured its citizens that the state Governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun has strengthened its disease control unit since the outbreak of Ebola virus in the country.
The statement read in part, “Following the cluster of mysterious sickness in neighbouring Ondo State, the Ogun State monitoring response team has maintained close contact with the Ondo State authorities and based upon the information available, the State Government has put on alert all our disease surveillance teams.
”In particular, we are monitoring Ogun Waterside Local Government Area closely and sensitising our border communities to reduce cross border movements to Ondo State for now.
“Further blood tests are being carried out on collected samples, to ascertain if the deaths have been caused by ingested poisons or other infectious agents.
”Given recent outbreaks, we are aware that the members of the general public may be worried. However, we wish to assure the people of Ogun State that there is no immediate cause for concern.
“The Governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun had enhanced the capability of the Ogun State disease surveillance team during the Ebola outbreak and now the rapid response teams have been put on full alert on the order of the Governor.
“Also, we wish to inform members of the public in Ogun State that there are no similar unexplained deaths in our state and the characteristics of the outbreak in Ondo State are not suggestive of a highly infectious disease.
”However, until the nature of the illness is fully ascertained, we urge our people to avoid traveling to the affected areas.
“They should also continue to observe strict personal and environmental hygiene and ensure that food and drink are obtained from reliable sources. Anyone with similar symptoms should report to their local hospital promptly. Ogun State Public Health Hotlines can be reached on: 01099140121; 09099140122 and 09021715984.”
The cause of the recent unexplained cluster of deaths which affected Ode-Irele Township and Ayadi Community in Irele LGA, Ondo state is yet to be explained, but recently released laboratory results have ruled out fatal infectious diseases such as Lassa fever and Ebola haemorrhagic fever.
Early reports confirmed 13 individuals have died. The symptoms common to the individuals who died were sudden onset of blurred or lost vision, headache, and loss of consciousness followed by death, all occurring within 24 hours.

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