Chief Amaechi Anazoba wears many caps. He is chairman, Abuja Motor Spare Parts Dealers
Association; chairman, Apo Mechanic Village and vice chairman, Informal Sector and Artisans of the
Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Abuja, amongst others. In this interaction with Emmanuel Ibeleme,
Deputy Editor, he spoke on the thorny relationship among Igbo traders in Apo, Abuja. PROBLEM started when earlier
this month, the Assistant Director
of Abuja Municipal Area Council
Development Control invited the
executives of Abuja Motor Spare
Parts Dealers Association in the
Federal Capital Territory, FCT,
for a meeting with Coordinator
of Development Control. Others
invited to the same meeting were the
executives of Nigeria Automobile
Technical Association, NATA, in
FCT. They went for the meeting
and met NATA group and another
group of three persons made up of
Chimezie Ife, Patricia Nwoye and
Desmond. These three and others
in their group are the ones who
have been having differences with
the spare parts traders led by Chief
Amaechi Anazodo.
As Amaechi and his group went
in for the meeting, an official of the
FCT identified simply as Hajia, told
them why they were invited: that the
Minister of FCT, Musa Bello, would
be visiting Apo and the need to keep
the place clean before the minister’s
visit. The traders were also told that as
they could see from the Apo Round-
About, the road being constructed
has started and would continue to the
Mechanic Village. The traders were
also told that government had noticed
that only few people operate in the
good houses built as business places in
the permanent site.
The FCT officials did not understand
why people would build houses and
prefer to do business on the road, and
said that such a situation would no
longer be tolerated. The officials also
admonished the traders to put a stop
to the habit of writing petitions against
members and civil servants because
such a practice would ultimately
not augur well for them. After their
meeting at that level, they moved on to
see the Permanent Secretary of Federal
Capital Development Association,
As Amaechi told this reporter, what
shocked all of them was the sudden
behaviour of Chimezie Ife who is more
known as Chimex. Nobody knew what
took over Chimex who amazed all
with his comments that Apo Mechanic
Village has been taken over by civil
servants. Chimex, Amaechi said, told
them that he bought over 36 plots of
land which today have been sold, and
that presently, he doesn’t have any plot
Speaking as an insider, Amaechi said
that in 2005, he was one of those who
screened members at the Development
Control and was therefore in a position
to know who is who. So, he said that
Apo Mechanic allocation could not be
meant for only people in Apo, but for
all traders. “The only problem we have
is that the allocation is not enough,”
stating that similar thing happened in
Kubwa Village also in the FCT.
Amaechi said that immediately after
their meeting with the coordinator,
Chimex went out and deliberately
lied to the public that “Amaechi,
Arinze Akugbue, Osho Ogunsakin
and others had agreed with FCDA to
come with about 50 caterpillars to
demolish the Mechanic Village.” That
was not all. “Chimex started making
calls and inciting people against us,”
Amaechi said and asked, “How could
a responsible person who was in such
a high level meeting come out to make
such comments when such a thing he
said never featured in our discussion?”
Amaechi further stated that there was
“no issue of demolition in our meeting.
So, we were all surprised when we
came back the next day and saw
Chimex hire buses with hoodlums who
he bought Indian hemp and kai-kai for
and told them that Apo was going to
be demolished without any evidence.”
Amaechi added, “What Chimex is
doing in Apo is to cause trouble, this
same Chimex who is claiming to be
president of Apo Traders Association,
ATA, who forged the certificates of
ATA and never knew where ATA was
Continuing, Amaechi said that
“Chimex is notorious for using officials
of the Nigeria Police Force, NPF, against
innocent persons. He has bought over
Apo Police Station and other Police
hierarchy in FCT. Any matter from
anybody against Chimex to the Police
is a mere waste of time. We have more
than 20 petitions against him and his
group and nothing has happened.
Chimex has even said to our hearing
that any time Police invite his gang
members, they should protest. And
I tell you frankly that any Police
official who shows seriousness and
wants to do good work, Chimex
and his group will organise protests
against such official. They protested
against a certain Investigating Police
Officer, IPO, who they alleged asked
for N1.5m.” According to Amaechi,
“with such strategy, Chimex
successfully diverted the attention of
the Nigeria Police, and till today, that
case died.”
Amaechi also stated that a direct
criminal case which the magistrate
court asked Area 10 Police to
investigate never saw the light of day
and Chimex boasts about that he has
“bought up the Police in Abuja, and
that any matter against him and his
cohorts will die naturally,” adding,
“tell me, is Chimex above the law?
The case of ATA’s forged papers was
reported to the then Commissioner
of Police, CP, who refused to take the
matter to court. What did the Police
do? They merely transferred the then
Commissioner of Police. It is said
that nobody is above the law but
from what Chimex is doing, you can
see that he is above the law because
after rendering many Police officers
useless, the Police can no longer
arrest criminals.”
Amaechi has more to say. “As
chairman of Apo Mechanic Village,
twice now the meeting of February
and March this year were disrupted.
If not for the intervention of the
Police, Chimex and his group had
marked to kill me and our other
members. The Police rescued us
from the hands of Chimex and Mrs
Patricia Nwoye.
“Note also that Chimex has used
Wasa land to dupe people, yet, he does
not have any title for the land. He has
collected money from Nigerians from
all over the place for a land whose
title he does not have. Two days to
his departure, the former Minister
of FCT, Bala Mohammed, came and
said he has given 51 hectares of
Wasa land without documentation.
Because they politicised our business,
Chimex sees members of his group
as belonging to Bala Mohammaed’s
PDP while he called us APC, because
he said we’re in opposition.
“When Alhaji Musa Bello, the
Minister of FCT, visited to see
things for himself on April 3, 2017,
he appreciated my leadership and
promised right there to provide
infrastructure and other things for
the Apo Mechanic Village. I also
appreciated him and we appealed to
him to assist us with transformers.
We appealed for the same for our
brothers in the Motor Spare Parts
Dealers Association in Apo and
Kubwa Mechanic Villages and other
locations who the minister will
see that Development Control will
allocate them and informal sector at

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