tanksA statesman and the former governor of Kaduna state, Alh Balarabe Musa has advised President Muhammadu Buhari to be wary of calls for the removal of fuel subsidy.
He said that the removal of subsidy at this time was not desirable as it will affect the goodwill the present government is enjoying from the masses who voted for the new administration.
The elder statesman said if the government wants to do the obvious in tackling fuel scarcity, he said it must have the political muscle to descend on filling stations that failed to dispense at official price.
According to him, ‘let the state government which give out C-of-O of these land (filing stations) sanction anyone where fuel price is sold above the official price. Let the state governments withdraw the license of such oil station from operating.’
He said it was unfortunate that some industrialists are calling for removal of the subsidy simply for their selfish reason.
‘But funny enough, some of the industrialists are in support of the removal of the oil subsidy purely for opportunistic profit reasons; simply because of their craze for unrealistic private interest.

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