A juju priest, Mazi Emeka Ilechukwu, has warned the federal government not to succumb to pressure from the United States of America and G7 countries to repeal the same sex law.
Worried by overtures made by the G-7 countries, America inclusive, on President Buhari administration’s areas of needs for immediate assistance, the various religious spiritual directors have cautioned the Nigerian President against repealing the law on homosexuals despite recent support promised by America on the economy and fight against Boko Haram.
Speaking in an interview with the Nigerian Pilot Sunday, Mazi Ilechukwu said same sex is abhorred by the tradition of all the tribes in Nigeria.
According to him, “It is a shameful thing for someone to practice such act as same sex relationship as the land rejects it. jujuIt is an abominable act which could bring plagues or diseases to a community if not quickly detected and the land cleansed. “Our people have allowed the white man’s way of life to infiltrate our cultures and traditions which is why there are so many diseases with no cure flying around.
Rather than be pressurized to revoke the law on ground, “We should go back to the ways of our forefathers and it shall be well with us” he said
Similarly, Christian and Muslim clerics have warned President Muhamadu Buhari not to bow to pressure to repeal the current law against same sex union passed by the Jonathan’s administration
Speaking to Nigerian Sunday Pilot separately, they noted that homosexuality and lesbianism were a taboo, abomination against Christianity, Islam and the culture of Nigeria.
Pastor Mike Igbo, presiding pastor, sword of the word bible ministry, Lagos, said that though what is happening now is in fulfillment of God’s word which must surely come to past, many people are turning awaycompletely from the truth which is what is happening today in America and other parts of the world claiming marriage is no more a union between a man and a woman as God ordained it but between a man and a man or woman and a woman.
He noted that it was the same event that led to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, adding that as a country that has continually sought the face of God; we must be prayerful in addition to existing laws which the government must strengthen rather than abolish it
Similarly an Islamic cleric, Alfa Abdulwaasi Umar, Imam, Oshodi local government secretariat, Oshodi, said that homosexuality is an abomination and taboo.
“It is a taboo and abomination as Islam abhors it and anyone caught in such practice will be stoned to death just as the Bible also condemns such acts.
According to him “America may do whatever they like but for the Nigerian constitution, it is a criminal act which is punishable by jail term, he said.
He argued knowing the president for what he is, “I don’t think President Buhari will accept such advice to repeal the law inNigeria because as a strict disciplinarian and Moslem it is against the tenets of Islam.”
For Evangelist Eddy Ikechukwu, same sex union cannot work in Nigeria because we have an existing law, culture and tradition that forbid such. And scripturally it is against God according to genesis 2:24. ‘Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.’ The so called Advanced countries should know that a wife is not a man a wife is a woman.

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