Democratic People’s Congress, DPC, has commended President Muhammadu Buhari for nominating patriotic, credible and dynamic Nigerians for ministerial positions.
The party said it was convinced that the nominees would actualise President Buhari’s transformation agenda and fast tract the nation’s dwindling economy.
In a press statement, the National Chairman of DPC, Rev. Olusegun Peters, stressed that Nigerians need men and women of integrity with exceptional passion to serve the country and direct the affairs of the state to the part of rectitude, progress and development.
Peters argued that inept leadership had been the bane of the country’s socio-economic and political development. He emphasised that the president’s nominees was a giant step forward towards economic emancipation and political salvation.
Peters, however, charged the ministerial nominees to imbibe team spirit and eschew corruption, tribalism and nepotism that impeded the nation’s march to industrialisation since independence in 1960.
While calling on the nominees to justify the confidence repose on them because of the high expectation Nigerians and international community, the DPC national chairman urged the Senate to thoroughly screen the candidates to ensure none of them had any skeleton in his or her cupboard.
He assured Nigerians that Buhari’s ministers would be people of impeccable character because of his stance on corruption.
Peters noted that the Senate had the onerous task to ensure they were free of corruption to avoid unnecessary scandal that will distract the Buhari administration, as their failure will bring the nation into disrepute.
He further urged Nigerians to support the federal government in consolidating on Nigeria’s frail democracy, adding that partisan politics should give way to patriotism in the quest towards building a decent and prosperous nation.