Department of Petroleum
Resources, DPR, has urged
security operatives to clamp
down on illegal oil marketers
so that their activities will
not continue to hamper
their effort to ensure fuel
Speaking with newsmen
on Tuesday in Jos, the
Plateau State capital, during
a monitoring and evaluation
exercise on several filling
stations, the Operations
Manager of DPR, Jeremiah
Mashat, said they will clamp
down on illegal oil marketers,
either by demolishing their
stations or arresting and
prosecuting them because
that is the work of security
He said their duty is only to
make the necessary reports
and recommendations to
security operatives whenever
they find such, adding that
illegal markers sell fuel in the
night when then know that
DPR has officially shut their
operations for the day, which
is usually 6:00 pm daily.
Mashat said they will
continue monitoring filling
stations to ensure that they
comply with the rules,
pointing out that they have
already held a meeting
with security operatives in
the state and the deputy
governor on how to tackle
illegal operations of oil
The operations manager
said none of the filing stations
visited defaulted, but DPR
will not relent in its duties to
continue to checkmate them so
that they will not shortchange
motorists nor complicate
the scarcity which they are
already working tirelessly
with government to resolve.
Mashat called on all and
sundry in the oil business
to join hands with them in
their quest to regulate and
ensure effective fuel business
and sales for the betterment
of the society, stressing that
anyone found wanting will
have their fuel dispensed to
the public for free, including
other sanctions.

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