TWO Brazilians have
been arrested by officers
of the National Drug
Law Enforcement
Agency, NDLEA, over
alleged drug trafficking.
The duo, Dias Dos
Santos Marcia Cristina,
36, and Lima Pereira Erick
Diego, 20, who traveled
from São Paulo, Brazil,
claimed to be tourists.
A statement by
NDLEA’s Spokesperson,
Mitchell Ofoyeju, said
the drugs were carefully
hidden in food cans
inside their luggage.
9.4kg of cocaine was
found in Dias’ bag, while
14.465kg of the drug was
found in Lima’s bag.
The estimated street
value of the total seizure
is said to be N310 million.
The cans where the
drug was hidden
“The tins were
factory-sealed such
that officers had to cut
them open to discover
the concealed drugs.
Several canned drugs
had been uncovered at
the Lagos airport in the
past. This development
is not a surprise to
narcotic investigators
because drug cartels are
always adopting new
strategies of smuggling
drugs,” Ofoyeju said.

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