Ebonyi State House of Assembly has passed a law legalizing the appointment of local government caretaker chairmen in the state.
The new law provides for one year tenure for caretaker committee chairmen and their liaison officers after which they would not be qualified to contest local government election for three years should there be any election.
The law came into force following report of an ad-hoc committee earlier set-up by the House to amend some sections of the local government law 004 of 2008.
The committee report was presented by the chairman, Hon. Frank Onwe and subsequently adopted by the House. The amended law also stipulated the appointment of a coordinator and not more than eight management committee members for a Development Centre.
Part of the amended section reads, “the Governor of the state shall subject to the confirmation of the simple majority of Ebonyi State House of Assembly appoint for Development Centre and its areas mentioned in section 7(2) of this law a Development Centre Management Committee made up of a Coordinator and not more than eight members.
“Section 20(g) of law 004 of 2008 is hereby repealed and replaced with section 20(j) which provides for Local Government Service Commission on the recommendation of the Commissioner for local government to appoint a Voucher Officer who shall be signatory to the withdrawals of money from the account of Local Government Areas and Development Centers.
“Without prejudice to the approved scheme of service for local government employees in Nigeria, it is hereby established for local government and development centre of Ebonyi State. The position of Head of Local Government Administration is removed and ceases to exist in the local government administration of the state; Director of Personnel Management will be replaced with Head of Personnel
Management, Director of Account to be replaced as Treasurer and Director of Account Clerk to be replaced with Cashier and Voucher Officer.
“The tenure of office of the caretaker committee chairman and vice chairman, secretary, one liaison officer per electoral ward shall be one year (12 calendar months).
The amended law also makes a provision for the Governor of the state to set up 17 man advisory committee, one each to be drawn from each local government area to advise the governor on the affairs of local government areas.
Speaker Nwifiru Francis after considering the report put it to vote and it was unanimously adopted by members and it was therefore passed into law.

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