A businessman of about 50 years, identified as Ote Enu, was found dead at the weekend inside his shop days after the deceased family declared him missing at Ofoke Okwerike village, in Izzi local government area of Ebonyi State.
Sources said it was the offensive ordour coming from the location of the deceased shop at the market that called the attention of his family members, who broke into the shop and surprisingly found the decomposing body of the deceased.
Due to offensive odour that had engulfed the area before the decomposing body was found, eyewitnesses said the development compelled most of the residents to flee the scene.
One of the eyewitnesses and resident of the area said;”We called the attention of the deceased family, having declared Mr Enu missing, as well as other traders in the market and insisted on the search of all the shops because of the increasing strange ordour around the market. Dogs and flies that were perching around the shop of the deceased increased our suspicion that something happened inside there.
“A bicycle was seen at the back of the shop but the door was locked from inside. Having seen this, we had no doubt that something was wrong that is why we decided to break the door. “
The villagers described the death as an abomination, as it happened when the community was celebrating its new yam festival known as ‘ojiji Izzi’ and therefore, the community has since ordered for the deceased corpse to be thrown into the forest as custom demands.
A family source, who begged for anonymity, told Nigerian pilot that the deceased was last seen on the last Ofoke Market day which ushered in the new yam festival of the community.
The family source, who could not attribute the death to anything, said perhaps he might have decided to sleep in his shop after the day’s business and unfortunately died in his sleep.
Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Chris Anyanwu could not be reached through his mobile phone before going to press.

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