EBONYI state government
has demanded a princely
N32b refund from the federal
government being funds used
to repair federal government
roads in the state.
The state government
through a letter to the federal
government listed all the
abandoned federal roads
in the state, which the state
rehabilitated to enable its
citizens enjoy the dividends of
The letter, which was
also copied to all the state’s
representatives at the national
assembly and made available
to the media noted that the
state took over the task of
repairing those abandoned
federal roads, after all pleas
to the federal government to
repair them failed to yield any
While confirming the receipt
of the letter, the senator
representing Ebonyi central,
Senator Obinna Ogba said
that such issues were some
of the reasons that call for the
need to revisit the devaluation
of power bill at the national
Ogba said that states should
be the ones that will really
drive the required dividends
of democracy to the people,
adding that the federal
government, which takes the
larger chunk of money from the
country’s revenue does little or
nothing to the rural people.
“I support power devaluation
because it will help the states
to do more and development
will follow suit. If you look at
the federal government roads
that cut across states, it is the
state governments that are
doing them and the federal
government has refused to
refund the money to them.
“Ebonyi state government
is been owed N32b debt by
the federal government from
repair of federal government
roads. These things should
have been handled by the states
freely under a total devaluation
of power.
“But in Nigeria, we do not
vote for what we believe, we
don’t vote to better our people,
we look at what our leaders
would say if we vote against
their wishes. For example, look
at the Obama health care in
America, Senator Mccain was
in hospital, but he had to leave
his sick bed to cast his vote
on the Obama health care bill
against his own party because
he knows what he believe in.
But some here will vote against
what they believe in because
they will tell you, they will
not allow me to enter if I vote
against them.
“But I heard our able leader,
the Senate president saying
that we will revisit the power
devaluation bill. When it comes
back, I will still vote yes to it
because I know that it is still
the best way to go for a united

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