President and founder of Moore Ebreme Foundation for the elderly, Dr. Moore Ebreme has advocated for a budgetary provision by government at all levels for the elderly.
He said, elders in the society deserve free medications as well as care by the government and citizens.
Dr. Moore Ebreme who made the call weekend, at the 26th anniversary of the quarterly foundation lectures in Asaba, said the essence of the lecturer was a continuous health education for the elderly persons in the state.
He advised the elderly persons to take necessary activities for their health and not depended on the doctors alone for their health needs.
While quoting Dr. G. Rigger, he said men dig their graves through their lifestyle and charged the elderly to exercise their body daily as well as taking 50 percent of raw and cooked foods and less of fried foods.
According to him, “Don’t depend on Doctors all the time because your life depends on God. Know more about your body. In old age, you are prone to prostrate cancer and increase blood pressure; take more fruits and vegetables so as to remain refresh and healthy.”
He cautioned them against feeling lonely and indulging in negative thinking and urged them to minimise conflicts, tension, pollution and overweight, saying they can achieve that by drinking only raw vegetable juices, taking fresh fruits especially for breakfast, eating of cooked food for lunchtime, and a large bowl of raw vegetables salad for dinner.
“There is no way we can continue to consume junk foods and not reap diseases,” he cautioned.

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