Residents of Mbiabong Itam in Itu Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State woke up to a shocking sight of a middle aged man dangling on a suspended robe from the roof of his house.
Chief Ekanem Edet, former Secretary of the Mbiabong Village Council, popularly called Jolly Boy, had been dead several hours earlier.
He took his own life, blaming the prevailing hardship that has taken its toll on his life since the current political order led by President Muhammadu Buhari took the centre stage of national administration about 13 months ago.
Few days to his death, the deceased, 50, said to be married with two sons, had been in the habit of complaining about the current economic crunch that has heavily impacted negatively on the living standards of the common people.
”Jolly Boy”, who deals on ‘Ogogoro’, cigarettes and other stimulants, according to family source, decided to cut short his stay on earth, when it appeared, he could no longer run his small family with meager earnings from illicit trade.
“He was a very sociable man and always shares his thoughts on issues. I don’t know why he should consider suicide as the last option to escape from these hard times, only God knows,” Okon Effiong, a close associate of the deceased, lamented.
He recalled that ‘Jolly Boy’, who was immediately buried after some traditional rites of passage were performed, was discovered dead cold with rope round his neck by his friend, who came to visit him that fateful day.
The late Edet’s wife and two sons, it was gathered, had gone out oblivious of the fact that their father’s remains hung loosely from the roof of his room.
“Later in the day, his friend came to check on him, only to discover to his chagrin, that his long time friend and confidant had taken a big, bold step to bid goodbye to excruciating life of poverty”, Mfonobong Ekpe, a teacher in the neighbourhood, told newsmen.
Although it could not be immediately confirmed, the former village secretary, left a suicide note for President Muhammadu Buhari, blaming him for inflicting unbearable pains and hardship on the people.
“He used to complain that his petty business was no longer fetching him and his family basic needs including food, clothing and fees for the children’s education.
“He was always blaming Buhari for his economic policies that do not allow the common people to afford basic commodities like garri, bread, yam, rice, beans, oil and kerosene and other essential goods,” Asuquo Bassey, a Pastor at the local Church recalled.
According to him, the family was reluctant to call the Police when it discovered the sad incident because of the suicide note which indicated that ‘Jolly Boy’ took his own life.

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