ALL Progressives Congress, APC, Enugu State chapter, has accused the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, of bringing untold hardship on Nigerians by enthroning what they described as ‘unbridled corruption’. A statement signed by its Publicity Secretary, Mrs Kate Offor, said the era of corruption is over as the Buhari-led government is out to salvage Nigeria. The statement pointed out that PDP has been coming up with unsubstantiated propaganda to paint the APC in a bad light but to no avail because it is focused on taking Nigerians to the promised land. “After a careful analysis of the unwarranted propaganda blitz unleashed by the PDP against President Muhammadu Buhari and by extension our great party,
the All Progressives Congress, the Enugu State chapter of the APC came to the inevitable conclusion that PDP’s ignoble mission is in simplicita- #Bring back unbridled corruption# to Nigeria. “First, the scheme to #Bring back unbridled corruption# to Nigeria drove the PDP to unabashedly like an Ostrich bury its head in the sand, like Pontus Pilate wash its hand off and like a baby keep heaping all the blame of the hunger, abject poverty and despondency in the land; consequent upon its planlessness and squandermania of the last 16 years on President Buhari. “Secondly, the craze to #Bring back unbridled corruption# is why the PDP instead of joining President Buhari in laying the foundation of an enduring and prosperous economy is calling on him to resign forthwith for failing to fix the economy they battered in less than 20 months. PDP thinks Nigerians are idiots who forget so easily. “Thirdly, to hasten their passion, PDP is recruiting some clergy, traditional rulers and all manner of carpetbaggers to celebrate and fan the unfortunate hunger, abject poverty and despondency in the land. “It is playing on the sensibilities of Nigerians to forget how 1,310 kilometers of Kano-Lagos narrow gauge rail cost Nigeria $8.3 billion and 4,000 kilometers Lhasa-Beijing standard gauge cost China $4.2 billion. “We cannot easily forget how the PDP simulated the economic recession plaguing us today by squandering the money meant to augment the $23 billion Greenfield Refineries awarded to a Chinese firm on May 13, 2010. The Greenfield were to be located in Bayelsa, Lagos and
Kogi States which could have halted the billions of dollars expended on importation of petroleum products and could have generated thousands of employment. “Fourthly, the PDP is beating its chest for rebasing the Nigerian economy above that of South Africa in the locust years. We are happy that it is wittingly or unwittingly reminding Nigerians of the fraud-paradox embedded in a nebulous economic policy which pushed millions of Nigerians into poverty and on the same breadth produced the richest African. “Without being immodest, it is our candid view that in times of economic adversity, every hand needs to be on deck to fix our dilapidated infrastructure-roads, electricity, schools, hospitals and the creation of jobs instead of stoking hate and fear.”

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