TO LIVE above depression and defeat in life particularly in the present economic situation in the country one needs to have a good relationship with God and fellow human beings as well as maintaining worship with good heart always. This was part of the suggestions made by the General Overseer of Restoration Life Assembly; Rev Udochi Majesty Odikanwa in his Book presented to the public in Abuja recently. Rev. Udochi who listed different ways of overcoming depression in the present economic downturn pervading the country explained that the book is his little contribution to build a sound society devoid of social vices and limitations. According to him, “depression is a combat that comes against your logical system and makes you to loss interest in everything about life and when that happens, you remain damped you become enemy of everyone even to yourself and friend to no one.” “In psychology there is tangible and abstract depression. The tangible depression is when the source of depression condition of someone is determined by notable condition such economic downturn marriage problem or otherwise, while abstract depression is when the person attacked by the condition does not know what actually is disturbing him.” “The person just discovers that he/her is not happy for any reason. Bad economic situation can actually lead to depression because people can just get tired of life without money, job, shelter and good things. You can see in the political sector, security and economic sector nothing is working but
when you go outside the country you see all these things working; those are tendencies that can lead to depression.” Speaking at the occasion the reviewer of the Book, Professor Elijah Sokomba stated that the new publication “Living Above Depression” is a timely book that would solve many issues troubling people. “It will help the reader to avoid succumbing to the pressure of life and challenges especially the constant changes. These changes place pressure and demands of economic, financial, physical, political, psychological nature on the people including managing relationships in the present age. Any or combination of these pressures could lead to the dreaded state of depression if not carefully handled.” He however, said that the book is not only for those suffering depression but could profit anyone with troubled mind. “It helps them to understand the situation and how to get out of it. The Book equally helps the reader to understand that no one is above depression as it can be triggered by any of the above circumstances and much more.” “It can come suddenly, thus the need to understand what this monster is all about and to understand the fact that you can live above it. The Author concluded by reminding the reader that depression has always been a health problem for humanity.” He explained. Professor Sokomba said also that the book cautions that Depression hurts and the sufferer may believe that no one cares for him/her. He warns that it is a dreaded state of health that must not be given a chance to have a foothold in our lives considering the devastating effect or consequences it has on fulfilling life and destiny. He said that despite the fact that Udochi
is a General Overseer, of a Bible believing church, Restoration Life Assembly, he however, remain objective in his analysis of depression condition and treatment of the subject matter. “according to him, “this implies that the Book is recommended for anyone no matter the religious background. “Anyone from any religious belief can read the Book and gain from the wealth of knowledge exposed in it. Professionally written, the book focuses on the sufferer as well as nonsufferers.” “The essence is to drastically reduce rate of suicide and several tensions that is pervading the nation Nigeria all over. If you watch the theme of the book, “Living above Depression”, you will discover that my aim is to reduce the social maladies, such as marriage racketeering, robbery, tension and social vices that leads to depression.” Also the Sampson Tamuno Parker in his remark said that the book aptly provided solution to the present economic situation in the country. According to him, “the book did not just talk about problems but proffer solutions; people are dying the economic is bad but we have not talked about solution. The book came aptly on time to proffer solution to the adverse situation in the country.” “The book is going to help us a lot. That Nigeria has come out recession does not make meaning to the common man. Until quality of life improves, where school, healthcare that affect the people directly and the living condition of ordinary man improves that is when we can say that we have improved economic.”

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