Former governorship aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Delta state, Chieftain Sunny Onuesoke has urged President MuhammaduBuhari to take seriously the advise given by former President, Chief OlusegunObasanjo.
Obasanjo, had few days at an event, advised President Buhari to rise to the challenges posed by the current recession in Nigeria instead of wishful thinking and blame game that would not solve the hapless state of affairs in the country.

Onuesoke who lauded the Obansanjo’s advise to President Buhari, said Obasanjo’s submission has summarized Buhari’s leadership style, adding that those with understanding should read and cry out for a change in approach before our nation comes crashing to an irreparable halt.
“For the first time or so, I agree with Obasanjo’s submissions. Let us find a way out of this economic meltdown. Things are really bad and getting worse by the day. The present economic team and government as composed have proved themselves unable to pull us out of this economic problem,” he noted.
He observed that Obasanjo has always spoken against virtually every Government anytime he believed things were not going well notwithstanding his initial support for such Governments.
“He spoke against Shagari, Buhari/Idiagbon, Babangida, Abacha, Yaradua and Jonathan. Yet all these Governments he initially supported. You may not like this man or agree with him on many things but the truth is that he has been fearless in speaking about the State of the Nation under every Government,” Onuesoke recalled.

” Buhari is acting as if he inherited ungovernable Nigeria, recalled that Obasanjo met Nigeria in a far worse state in 1999 after the country has been grounded by the military, stressing that Obasanjo fought corruption then and still saved the economy”
“Buhari is only fighting corruption while the masses are dying in hunger as he deepened the economy into excruciating recession . This is why Obasaning is warning that his focus on fighting corruption will amount to exercise in futility without fixing the economy. This is because corruption has been there and by the time Buhari leaves office, corruption will still be there . That’s the naked truth,” Onuesoke explained.

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