Benin leaders of thought have warned Edo State Governor, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole of the dangers ‎of playing the godfather in the race to choose his successor as it will be counterproductive.
The group made up of all Benin Princes from Edo South and Chiefs of Oba of Benin spoke at a press conference ‎addressed by HRH Edun Akenzua, the Enogie of Oghobaghase at the Oba’s palace.
They said they were taken aback by rumours that the governor was sponsoring a particular aspirant in his party, the All Progressives Congress, APC as his ‘anointed’ successor in this year’s governorship election in the state.
The conference came in the wake of media reports that the governor has endorsed the aspiration of businessman, Mr Godwin Obaseki who is the Chairman of his economic team and chairman of Afrinvest Limited, as his successor.
The social media has been awash with posts by government media aides about Obaseki, even as the state Attorney-General, Mr Henry Idahagbon, went public at a social function organised by the NUJ Edo state
council, announcing the businessman as the next governor.
The group added that whereas the governor can support any aspirant of his choice, it should not be as a godfather as godfatherism‎ in Edo politics which saw to the imposition or anointing of aspirants against
the wishes of Edo people was detrimental to the socio-economic and political development of Edo state.
“The people now know they can ask people they asked to run government how they have performed. Governor Oshiomhole came and wiped out godfatherism from our clime…when he arrived the godfather
disappeared. No longer will he decide who represents our people. Never again.”
They said, “the people of Edo state should be given free hands to determine their next governor because as the governor observed as far as 2009, ‘what makes governance difficult is that some leaders are
imposed on the people. That creates absence of support”.
They said that the legacy, which will endure forever, that governor Oshiomhole has bestowed on Edo people, more than development projects, is raising of the peoples’ political awareness.
Meanwhile, a member of the Obaseki family and an APC gubernatorial aspirant, Don Pedro Obaseki ‎has described as shocking what he termed as ‘betrayal of trust’ on the part of Mr. Godwin Obaseki, whom he said
is his cousin.
Don Pedro Obaseki said as it is typical of African tradition, he intimated his cousin, Godwin Obaseki about his governorship interest only to be shocked that few months later, same Godwin has now shown same interest in running for the position
Speaking in Benin that the action of his cousin will not divide the Obaseki family he said he is more accepted within the entire Obaseki family worldwide than his cousin.
According to him, “Everybody in my family is fully aware of my ambition, they are equally aware that I am seeking for the APC ticket. I am shocked as you are that another Obaseki is running but be that is
it may, this is politics.
“It really sounds funny and uncomfortable to many people outside. Me as child of tradition before I decided to run, I consulted massively with my friends and family, when am talking about my family I don’t mean my immediate family, I mean the enlarged Obaseki and to the extent that I have done two serious event to cement that announcement of my ambition.”
“Before the end of next week, I will release the documentary of my adoption by the family and the blessing of my family and I have equally presented my intent to the upper room elders council for me to go ahead with my ambition. So my quest is not based on cheer shenanigan or a few person sitting behind the sanctuary of open doors to anoint anybody.”
‘For me I have the corporate endorsement of the Obaseki clan, not just the Obaseki clan in Nigeria but the Obaseki clan worldwide. Mine is not a forested ambition of one person but a collective decision of the Obaseki family.”

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