CANDIDATES of five out of the 19 political parties which contested last week’s governorship elections in Edo state have called for the cancellation of the results declared by INEC. They say this is because the figures INEC officials read and displayed on national television were in complete variance with those which their own agents and observers obtained from the polling units across the state. Addressing a press conference in Benin City weekend, the Chairman of the Inter-party Advisory Council , IPAC, Mr Frank Ukonga who contested under the platform of the New Nigeria Peoples Party, said INEC falsified the results to favor the APC. “The results that INEC made public do not tally with what most if not all our agents came back home with. We are calling for the cancellation of the entire election because INEC gave APC the PDP votes”. Another candidate, Mr Andrew Igwemoh of the Advanced Congress of Democrats said there were glaring errors in the figures computed by INEC in an lection that was marred by open exchange of money between party agents and the voters. “I am calling for the cancellation of the results especially that of Etsako West local government because what transpired on the field is not what INEC made public. The mathematical errors are too obvious to be ignored”. Dr Omorogieva Gbajumo, the candidate of the Social Democratic Party, SDP, said Nigerians are wondering how INEC came up with about 66, 000 missing votes whereas voters voted soon as they were accredited. “It is clear that the votes declared by INEC are not correct. Even parties which were not on the ballot were allocated some votes by the electoral empire which shows that something does not add up”. He said that it was curious that INEC used lecturers from the Federal University in Ekiti state who are obliged to do the bidding of their Vice-chancellor as Chief Returning Officer, to conduct the elections whereas it should have used personnel from diverse institutions. Mr Thompson Osadolor of the Kowa Party was of the view that since no voter went home after being accredited to vote and there was a generally peaceful election across the state INEC had no business voiding the votes it claimed. “It is a shame on INEC and it should the needful by ensuring that the voice of Edo people which was loud and clear on September 28 is reflected by declaring the true results of the elections”. It was the opinion of Mr Ishaka Paul of the Action Alliance that INEC results were prepared before the actual election, arguing that this explains the postponement of the election date, whereas sensitive electoral materials had been sent out by the commission. “INEC Is not telling the truth. I can say the results that face victory to another party rather than the PDP is a replay of a rehearsed template because there is nothing to link the results from the field with that INEC gave”. The candidates vowed to continue in their advocacy for the cancellation of the elections so that the will of Edo people will be upheld arguing that it is the only way to sustain democracy which is still in its infancy in the country. APGA reacts The party’s governorship candidate, Earl Osaro Onaiwu in rejecting INEC’s declared results, reacted thus: “As a man of integrity, I have been groomed to accept the truth no matter the consequences, but in this situation, I very am disappointed. I cannot accept these humiliating, demoralizing, manipulated, and fabricated results “If elections were conducted free and fair as depicted by INEC, I would not be speaking right now; I would accept my defeat. But I am pained, because the authorities involved that were appointed to stand by what is right have failed to do so immensely. “If you proclaim that you are for progress and change, WHY ARE YOU NOT SETTING THE EXAMPLE? “I am confident that I succeeded in at least 10 local governments, especially from my home town, OREDO, which had 273,614 registered voters, 74,076 accredited voters and 4,311 rejected votes. There’s a huge margin between 74,076 and 273,614. WHERE ARE MY VOTES? “You cannot say that you care about the people when you take advantage of their vulnerability by inducing them to vote against their will with N2, 000, forcing, threatening, and beating them. DO YOU ACTUALLY CARE FOR THE PEOPLE OF EDO? OR ARE YOU IN THIS FOR YOUR OWN BENEFIT? “INEC denies that the ballot boxes were abducted, they deny violence, and gunshots. Furthermore, it was reported on the news that it was a peaceful election. THIS WAS NOT THE CASE! “There was violence, threats, shootings, the loss of lives, severe injuries, bribery and the abduction and destruction of votes in the ballot boxes. The inhabitants of Edo that voted can attest to the fact that these incidences occurred on the 28th of September, 2016. “However, there was only minimal footage of these acts due to the confiscation and dismantling of mobile and camera devices. WHERE WERE THE NEWSCASTERS? “As I have said before, my passion to become governor is about the pain I have in my heart for MY PEOPLE. The people of Edo, if you cannot fight for yourselves, I will fight for you. I am the solution and I have spoken.”

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