Edo State Governor, Adams
Oshiomhole, says he will not
succumb to intimidation or
blackmail over his decision
to support an aspirant to take
over from him.
The governor said this while
addressing leaders of Ayogwiri
community in Etsako east local
government area when they
paid him a visit in his office.
He said he wants a candidate
who will sustain his
“I come from a tradition that
neither succumbs to blackmail
nor can be frightened away from
what I believe is right,” he said.
The governor explained that
he had worked with most of
the aspirants and reserves
the right to share his view on
whom he thinks would be
more competent to occupy
his office after he leaves.
Governor Oshiomhole
revealed that many aspirants
have approached him for
direction and support but
there are several factors to
consider in deciding who he
finds most competent to be
Edo State’s next governor.
“If 10 aspirants ask for my
support, I can only support
one and if I’m going to
support anybody as a sitting
governor, I should have looked
at the person, his records
and do my own evaluation.
“I’ve worked with people
and I know the strengths
and weaknesses of all those
I have worked with. Even in
school, a principal will write
testimonial for his pupils and
in the case of teachers, he will
write a report of evaluation
of the performance of all the
teachers he is working with,”
the governor explained.

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