Dancing nude to entertain guests in most Nigerian night clubs is not new but the growing rate and involvement of our youths is getting worrisome writes, Temidayo Badmus of our Lagos bureau.

Apart from heavy drinking and drug addiction, Nigerian youths have fallen in love with nude clubbing as a rare genre of entertainment.
Some says it’s illegal; others call it immoral but, to an average Nigerian youth, it is the peak of entertainment and they enjoy every bit of it. Nude clubbing may not be as old as the parent business, prostitution, but it is fast gaining prominence amongst the youths.
However, the new thing about nude clubbing is the way it is affecting the youths. Before now, Nude clubs have a restrictions for adult people in the 30s, 40s and above. They are also available in choice areas in Lagos.
Few years back, Night Clubs that offer nude club services were only available in Ikeja, Victoria Island, Apapa, Festac town, Isolo and a few other places.
The latest trend about the business now is that, it is now available in every nook and cranny of Lagos. The idea of ‘Short-time’ flirting is fast becoming old fashioned. This is because, most young girls who engage in satisfying young men’s sexual appetite now engage in Nude club services because, to them, it is more lucrative.
However, how immorality penetrated our society remains a mystery as the topic of young teenagers striping down to their panties for a fee is no longer new to even residents of Epe, Ikorodu, Agbado, Igando and Badagry.
Sex workers have successfully taken their trade into virtually all the towns and villages, irrespective of the size or location of any hotel; Today, the availability of stripers at night clubs, remains the soul of that business.
Most hoteliers understand this and to survive in their business, they provide the service with the help of young girls who have taken the trade to another level. At the early stages of the current mad rush for nude clubbing, Lagos clubs like: SS Lounge, Kayo’slounge, Atlantic Bar, Thistle Bar, Planet 44, Fantasy Villa, Ocean Blue, Club Unique, Bacchus Night club, Club 1145, Teazers Cabaret among a few others, enjoyed the monopoly.
Even as their entry fees and prices of drinks are exorbitantly high, they have limited seats for men in their VIPs and the popular sides.
The above named clubs at peak periods from Fridays, charge as high as N2, 000 for entry and customers pay as much as N500, N2000 and N25, 000 for soft drink, beer and liquors respectively. Entry fee for VIPs in some of these clubs go as high as N8, 000 on weekends. The new development which has now seen the availability of nude clubs everywhere has resulted to a bleak future for the youths.
The fact that, most nude clubs are located in highbrow areas in the past was the reason why it was almost unreachable for underage youths in the past. However, as the clubs become available next door, more desperate youths are discovering the immoral fantasy and getting addicted on a daily basis.
Less than a decade ago, no single nude club existed along the Agege motor road, the second most popular interstate road linking Lagos to Ogun state. However, in less than four years, the number of nude clubs in Oshodi, Iyana and Agege has soared above the regular motels which basically offer quickies. From Agege to Fagba, Iju, Akute and Agbado, Nude clubs are more available than banks or hospitals.
From Iyana-Ipaja to Abule Egba, Ijaye, Sango, Ijoko on the outskirt, in terms of availability, nude clubs are currently competing with pure water. The most disturbing issue about these so called ‘enjoyment’ is that, there is no restriction for customers and they are so close to residential homes like churches and mosques. Teenagers leave their homes to get a glimpse of adventures which is always available at close distances without their parents knowing.
At JB lounge, a very popular drinking sprawl in Agbado, teenagers are seen late in the night coming to catch fun in the neighborhood. The situation is not different in other densely populated places around Lagos.
One of the reasons for the high patronage is that, apart from being close to their homes, the prices charged are affordable and an average teenager can easily afford to part with the fee.
On the average, Nude clubs charge as low as N500 to gain entry. The VIP where all sorts, including live sex happens, go for as low as N1000. The effect of these on the young people is that, young boys are getting more involved in sexual adventures even more than their parents. This has resulted in rape, pregnancies and other social vices associated with sex.
As it happens in other expensive clubs, strippers in these local clubs provide the same service with their counterparts in the highbrow areas. Like a foreign based footballer returning into his local league, they play by the same rule of FIFA. Nude entertainment is the same all over the world. The only difference in the service are the personnel involved in providing it.
While those on Lagos Island go as far as hiring foreign expatriates to work as stripers, those on the outskirt are strictly locally sourced. Their operations and modus operandi (mode of operations) are almost the same. A striper when paid to do her job comes to a centre stage clothed in light sexy dress dancing to readily available music. Gradually, she begins to remove the clothing until she is left with her birth day suit. Stark naked!
Most stripers strip down in totality while moving in sexually appealing motions. They move from guests to guests to supply ‘lap-dance’ as a means of making extra money from patrons who are regular comers. ‘Lap-dance’ requires the dancer to dance naked around a male admirer. They go as far as sitting on their laps naked and performing all sorts of magic including ‘sucking’. This is the level that immorality has taken our youths to in the country today. The way out of this, should be our concerted effort.

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