Nigerians have been clamoring for change and that change has come. In the current dispensation, there is no better democratic institution where this change is being demonstrated as the eightieth National Assembly under the leadership of Senator (Dr) Bukola Saraki’s Senate presidency, as well as the emergence of Honourable Yakubu Dogara as Speaker of the House of Representatives. The circumstance surrounding his emergence is a radical demonstration of change desirable to all well-meaning Nigerians.
At a period when Nigerians are all waiting patiently to enjoy dividends of democracy, this is a good development. Nigerians need. The senators elected their president based on their rules in a most transparent manner. President Muhammadu Buhari was right when he said that he has no constitutional right to interfere in National Assembly matters.
Time is our scarce and lean resource which we cannot afford to trample upon; we have to maximally utilised it. For Nigerian citizens, this is our time and we will support the Bukola-led Senate against the selfishness of APC leadership and godfathers. It is selfish interest of few persons and not national interest that has been driving the internal crises in the party. The president also noted this fact when he met with the APC caucus of the House of Representatives.
Effective leadership is the discovery of the belief, reason, idea, conviction of a course not just to live for but also to die for which focuses on what mankind will benefit. It is not through manipulation or brainwashing; rather, it is the ability to submit to constituted authority and be motivated by passion.
Our society needs leaders at the helm of affairs to support and encourage others to fulfil their dreams and aspiration. John F. Kennedy as president of the United States of American demonstrated clear purpose of helping the poor when he initiated the Peace Corps programme as a tool which American used to send volunteers to help less developed nations. He also inspired America to invest billions of dollars in space exploration programmes.
Dr. Bukola Saraki, a renown medical doctor, brilliant mind and astute politician is a notable pillar of the present democracy in Nigeria. As a patriotic flag-waver, he believes that his candle cannot go dim or shorten by lighting other candles. He has an oil of kindness flowing through his veins and he has a clear cut vision of what he would be and do for his generation.
During his meritorious service as the governor of Kwara State, he left a positive footprint and an unprecedented legacy in agriculture, education, quality health care, youth empowerment and several infrastructural developments. His leadership phenomenal stands tall and unequal when he chaired Nigerian governors Forum.
He stood firm and gallant to be counted when its matters to the nation as he resolved in- fighting and provides direction to his colleagues. He is the first Nigerian governor to be awarded the National honor of Commander of the order of Niger (CON). When he was elected as the president of Nigeria Senate, he advocated tenaciously for peaceful alluring dialogue and harmonious relationship as a hallmark for political stability and conflict resolution.
He has also advocated for a comprehensive accountable system in order to reduce cost of governance and to enhance efficient service delivery. Effective communication system will be initiated, monitoring and evaluation committee will be on their feet to overhaul any moribund projects.
As a consummate team player he has seen that Nigerian is blessed with abundant resources which are yet untapped and there is a need for all stakeholders to form a formidable team to address this colossal economic menace.
He has vowed that the 8th senate will be people’s centered senate where interest and welfare of Nigerians is paramount. The legislative activities under his meticulous watch will make new laws, update existing laws and repel laws that are no more fashionable. The Senate will reinvigorate oversight functions, transform non oil sectors, explore several sources of revenue, suffocate corruption, block all revenue leakages, and provide healthy and conducive environment for local and international investment to thrive.
Though, it’s a Herculean task, it’s not going to be business as usual. He has unequivocally commended the proactive steps of President Mohammed Buhari to end dastard activities of insurgence and terrorism. He wants his administration to hit the ground running by fulfilling campaign promises and yearning of the people. For mega economic transformation, complex hydra-headed bills such as petroleum industry bill, PIB, electoral acts will be given prime and cohesive attention. Let all factions in the Senate, on these note, embrace peace and dialogue as a tool for robust legislative activities. The Saraki-led Senate needs support of all to help our democracy succeed.

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Adikwu is an Abuja-based public affairs analyst