Ekiti State Governor, Mr. Ayo Fayose, has said  that controversy and toughness are the traits he possess  as a leader and politician among other  uncommon features characterising his government, saying this remain catalysts to his performance which have been  widely adjudge as  laudable by his admirers.
Governor Fayose, who spoke yesterday through his Chief Press Secretary, CPS, Mr. IdowuAdelusi, when he went down memory lane, as he compared his performance as a second term governor of the state.
Adelusi pointed out that with the past governors and administrators since the creation of Ekiti in 1996 and recalled that 11 governors including himself had steered the ship of Ekiti with none measuring up to him in performance.
The dirty politics here is responsible for Ekiti having almost 11 governors as opposed to Ebonyi with four since 1996.
Fayose, further stated that during his first tenure, the opposition said there was no need to dualise roads of the state capital, everybody is enjoying it today.
He noted that his immediate predecessor, Dr. KayodeFayemi, now Minister of Mines and Steel Development achievement in four years were only three projects; the new government House, which he said now amounts to an elephant project, the uncompleted civic centre and the uncompleted state pavilion, which he said gulped huge state resources without any concrete use for the people.
“My priority is to leave Ekiti better than how I met it. What I did during my first tenure are those visible things in the state today. I may betough, I may be controversial, but all these are catalysts to my performance.

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“I built the first governor’s office, dualised roads in the state capital, constructed roads in all nooks and crannies of the state, put on ground many structures for use of the state. I always scored the first position in development of the state, he said.
He alleged that former Governor Fayemi had left the Ekiti State Universal Basic Education Board, SUBEB, worse than he left it, governor Fayose who also reeled out more of his outstanding contributions to the development of Ekiti.
Speaking on the 20th anniversary of the state coming up on October 1, he dismissed those who criticise him adversely as distracters, adding, “I have transformed the palace of Ewi,  there can’t be two palaces. I am building the first flyover. There cannot be need for another flyover in the next 30 years. I am building a new Oba’s market; there can’t be two Oba’s market.
According to him, dualisation of roads is ongoing in the local government headquarters.  My detractors know what I am made off and are disturbed by my landmarks, which are why they will always concoct lies to distract me, or slow me down.
The Governor who said, “I am not a rookie, I am a second term governor, very experience and learned in grassroots politics.  If it is not photocromic, it is soldier used to rig. If it is not Dasuki money today, perhaps tomorrow they will fabricate many unimaginable lies. They said building flyover is a waste, how many vehicles ply Ekiti roads. Similarly, they criticised my plan to build airport for Ekiti to the extent of poisoning minds of the land owners against our good intention.”

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Fayose further explained why he has taken up some major developmental projects for which he is been criticised: “I am a visionary leader; I don’t wait until there is dare need for anything. I always plan for the future. Is it when there is gridlock in Ado Ekiti before we build flyover? Must there be fire incident before you have fire service station? I thank the almighty God who brought me back as Ekiti State governor and unto Him I give all glory for the landmark projects I have done in the state, ” he concluded.

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