Ekiti state chapter of the All Progressives Congress, APC, has commended President Muhammadu Buhari over bailout plan for states to settle the backlog of workers’ salaries.
The party said that the measure would relieve Nigerian families from poverty and provide the energy needed for the challenge of returning the nation to the path of productivity for the general well-being of Nigerians.
In a statement by the Publicity Secretary, Taiwo Olatunbosun said Buhari’s gesture in assisting the states should be hailed by all Nigerians, saying the measure confirmed the President’s declaration during campaign to make the welfare of Nigerians his watchword.
Asking for more support for the President to enable him do more to grow the economy, Olatunbosun said, “Buhari has started on a good note to build hope in Nigeria by blocking loopholes through which Nigeria lost her revenues to unpatriotic Nigerians.
“Nigerians are lucky to have Buhari as the leader after they had completely lost hope of credible leader that will make development and transparency the cornerstone of the nation’s administration.
“Within one month, Buhari provided a comprehensive package to revamp local industries and closed secret accounts through which Nigeria lost billions of dollars to corrupt leaders and opened just one federation account for close monitoring of the cash coming to the nation’s purse”, Olatunbosun explained.
He added: “He secured multi-lateral cooperation to combat insurgency and got support from the G7 countries to fight Boko Haram even as electricity supply improved for socio-economic activities while dead refineries suddenly came alive to resume production in the next few weeks”.
The APC Spokesman also noted that the transparency policy of President Buhari has translated to a drop in queues pains at filling stations, as transparent subsidy payment regime had eliminated hurdles created by oil marketers that had been holding the nation to ransom.
“Also, stoppage of fraudulent subsidy payment has reduced subsidy cash payment from N5 billion to N1.8 billion with external reserves up by $3billion within a month, raising the nation’s foreign reserves profile to $38 billion,” he explained.
Olatunbosun urged the President to keep a close watch on Ekiti State to prevent misapplication of the bailout funds for personal benefit just as the State government has rendered the Local Governments redundant through financial impunity.
“The President should ensure financial discipline in Ekiti State through the instrumentality of anti-corruption bodies to guide against the misappropriation of the bail-out funds that have already been seen as a jackpot by state government leaders.
“Ekiti State is a study in impunity and an enclave of a state-sponsored terrorism where opposition members are routinely attacked and some hauled into jail clandestinely, on trump-up charges. The courts and House of Assembly were shut for several months with majority APC members chased away from performing their duties while Judges were beaten and court records in the Chief Judge’s office torn to shreds.” he said.
He called the attention of the Presidency to the unwholesome attitude of the security agencies in the state.

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