Nineteen All Progressives Congress, APC lawmakers in Ekiti State have alleged that the new security measure ordered by Governor Ayodele Fayose, to stem alleged cases of kidnapping in the state through ‘stop and search’ operation is an orchestrated plot by the governor to track them for kidnap to stall his impeachment.
The lawmakers in a statement by Speaker Adewale Omirin’s Special Adviser on Media, Wole Olujobi, said that they had uncovered an alleged plot by the Governor Fayose to engage the Government House security men on major roads to conduct ‘stop and search’ operations in a frantic search to track them for kidnap.
But, Ekiti State government has described as “evil, wicked and insensitive” claim by the APC lawmakers in the State that the ‘stop and search’ operation ordered by the State Security Council to stem cases of kidnapping in the state was an orchestrated plot by the governor to track them for kidnap to stall Governor Fayose’s impeachment plot.
The government said such unwarranted allegation coming from the runaway APC lawmakers was a clear exposure of the culpability of the party in the kidnapping of residents of Ekiti State, adding that; “they have betrayed their guilt by simply telling Nigerians that they want the kidnapping of Ekiti residents to continue.”
Thanking “the good people in government” who leaked the plot, the lawmakers condemned such operation as unwarranted assault, particularly as the cars targeted for stop and search operation would be mainly dark grey Toyota Camry cars, which is the brand and colour of the lawmakers’ official cars.
“We are in possession of a report that the governor is exploiting cases of kidnap in the state to break the nation-wide ban on roadblock ordered by the Inspector General of Police to raise some teams of security men working in the Government House to be on our trail to take us out of circulation.
“The officers, who worked for him for similar operations between 2003 and 2006 and who were indicted by the security panel set up President Olusegun Obasanjo in 2005 to investigate political killings in Ekiti State, are the ones specially requested by Fayose for reposting to Ekiti State after he was declared winner in the June 21 governorship poll and they are the ones leading this dastardly operation in conjunction with some criminals and thugs lodged in the Government House after their election duties.
“As we speak, the security men and thugs are in possession of our photographs to identify us after stopping us. They have been told to specifically be on the look-out for dark grey Toyota Camry cars, which are our official cars, to identify us for kidnap to stall his impeachment.
“Part of the instruction is that all vehicles with tinted glasses must be stopped for identification. All our cars are tinted and so that will create excuse for stopping our cars just to hit their targets.
“This is the latest ploy after other plots had failed. We are also aware that the governor will soon address a press conference where he will allege that some of the lawmakers, who he believes constitute a threat to him, are responsible for cases of kidnapping in the state.
“He is already in the media selling a dummy that the Speaker, Dr Omirin, and Senator Babafemi Ojudu are sponsors of kidnapping in the state. The plan is to declare them wanted and then become targets of arrest by security agents,” Olujobi explained.
The lawmakers urged the state leaders to call the governor to order while also urging the Inspector General of Police, Solomon Erase, to put his men on the alert to stop the activities of criminal gangs bent on frustrating his ‘no roadblock’ order across the country.
According to the Special Assistant to the State Governor on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka, “The Fayose-led government will do everything humanly possible to protect lives and properties of Ekiti people and what is expected from genuine lovers of the state is to cooperate with security agencies, and not politicisation of every efforts of the government by the APC.”

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