Deputy President of the Senate, Senator Ike Ekwermadu has urged Members-elect of the 8th Legislature to brace up for the task of nation building and to reciprocate the mandate given to them by their constituents.
He made the call in his closing remarks at the four-day induction programme for the newly elected federal legislators in Abuja.
The Deputy President of the Senate described the legislature as the pillar of democratic governance, with a critical role in spurring and sustaining national action towards development.
He said: “As legislators, we must be agents of transformation, particularly at this important period in our national history. It is our collective responsibility to work tirelessly towards promoting good governance and consolidating democracy in Nigeria.
“The call is for us to love our country. We have made giant strides in the last sixteen years of democracy and we can be proud of our achievements. But we at the National Assembly can do more towards curbing poverty, corruption, insecurity and a myriad of other challenges that tend to deny our people the joy and hope that democracy holds.”
Senator Ekweremadu said, given the quality of the resources, training materials, and presentations at the induction, he had no doubt that the incoming lawmakers had covered a long distance in understanding the rudiments of legislative practice and procedures.
He expressed gratitude to all those who made the induction programme a success, but noted that the journey to capacity building had just begun for the incoming federal legislators.
He added: “Though the workshop ends today, I must hasten to add that this induction programme is truly only the first step as you prepare for the challenges of the 8th Assembly. I am aware that the National Institute for Democratic Studies, NILS, has several follow-up training programmes in its 2015 work plan that are more detailed and specialised. I expect the incoming National Assembly to utilise these opportunities to ensure that we justify our mandates.”

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