…Says critics are mischievous, out to score cheap political points


Special Adviser to Kaduna State Governor, Malam Nasir El-Rufai on Political Affairs, Malam Uba Sani at the weekend broke his boss long silence on critics of his policies so far in the state, saying those antagonising the governor and calling his policies as anti masses are not only being mischievous but trying to score cheap political gains.
Uba, who stated this while speaking with journalists in Kaduna on issues and government policies in the state, said it was true that the masses voted the governor into power but the governor was committed to ensuring that the well being of the masses is better than the way he met it, hence the need for the policies which are aimed at improving their standard of living.
Malam Uba stressed that the banning of street begging and hawking was not meant to punish those who engage in it but to fashion out how they could be better in the society.
He challenged those faulting the governor on the ban to tell the public if their children also engage in street begging or hawking.
“The government has made alternatives for them and has engaged their various leaders, and effort is being made to support them and assist them particularly those who have handiwork.
“Some of these beggars are largely disabled but there are still able men and women among them who take the act of begging as business, the banning is also aimed at strengthening the security situation of the state,” he stressed.
On the stoppage of the Ramadan feeding, he said over N400 million had been saved which hitherto, was used to purchase rice and cooking oil and distributed largely to those who can afford it at the detriment of the poor in the society.
“So, we realise such money can be used to purchase furniture in schools, but over 5000 bags of rice and oil donated to the state was given to religious organisations in the state and was used to feed people at designated centres during the Ramadan fast.
“All the social critics of the governor are only being economical with the truth.”
On the stoppage of sponsorship to Hajj or Israel for the holy pilgrimages, he said the previous governments spent over 500 million naira yearly to sponsor people to Hajj while over 95 percent of those who go to Israel are government sponsored.

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“The monies ‎saved can be used to purchase uniforms for school pupils, so instead of buying cows and camels for people, it is better you support them through educating their children and other areas that will better their lives.”

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On the recovery of government land from those who have encroached in schools and hospitals, he said the governor was a listening governor and those with genuine documents would be compensated, but stressed that there was no going back on the recovery process.

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“Kaduna State has gone many years backwards, younger states have overtaken the state in terms of development, there are lots of wastages but the governor is currently saving over a billion naira‎ monthly by cutting the overhead cost and wastages in the state.

“The governor is committed not to leave any stone unturned to make ‎Kaduna State great again and will stop at nothing to achieve it” he added.