Leadership of the All
Progressives Congress,
APC, has been urged to
bin the restructuring report
submitted to it by Governor
Nasir El-Rufai’s committee.
The Nigeria Union of Local
Government Employees,
NULGE, said the report
as submitted by El-Rufai’s
committee is not worth
APC’s time and effort.
Speaking during a press
conference yesterday in
Abuja, NULGE’s National
President, Comrade
Ibrahim Khaleel, questioned
the committee’s alleged
recommendation that local
governments be delisted
from Nigeria’s constitution.
Khaleel said, “Nigerians
have been clamouring for a
functional, democratic local
government system for a
long time.
“We wish as union to, on
a very strong term, reject
and condemn the aspect
of the report that aims at
scrapping local government
by delisting it from the
constitution of the Federal
Republic of Nigeria; As we
see this as a pre-determined
position of some cabal in
the APC not the party as a
whole let alone the position
of the Nigerian people.
“We call on the APC
leadership to put the
report in a dustbin and not
to dissipate unnecessary
energy on it, discard and
shred the report as it was
pre-determined, selfserving,
mischievous, and
didn’t reflect the position of
its members or Nigerians at

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