On June 6, a new page was opened in the history of partisan politics in Delta State. The progressives with one loud voice echoed: “APC …take over delta state”, to formerly welcome Chief Great Ogboru, Hon Victor Ochei and the supporters to the party.
I was there and witnessed the Special Resolution adopted and signed to take immediate effect; expanding the political family of Delta APC. This is certainly a major breakthrough for the party, for so many reasons, which I will not mention at this time.
We saw and witnessed the political intrigues that played out during the 2015 governorship elections. The progressives versus the absolute monarchy which held sway, the PDP, and till date continued to ravage our socio-economic and political system.
In 2015, there were political betrayals, backstabbing, regrouping and counter re-enforcement laced with ethnicity and strategic political scheming. It was the battle of the skillful and brushing of fractured egos. Ranting and wailing rented the air and at the end of it all the same cabal ran away with undeserved victory. The rest is now history.
At the centre of the comic-tragedy were two illustrious sons of Delta State from the same senatorial district. These power brokers cracked their nerves to pursue the same goal but in separate endeavours which sadly made their laudable objective unachievable at a crucial moment in history. It is a truism that “United we stand, Divided We fall.”
Some concerned patriots grumbled and cried for help, help to unite this house so that the goals can be attained with less efforts. It seemed impossible to many but those who were at the centre of it all knew it was possible. The political drum BEATS went on producing rhythms which finally killed the monster called divide and rule.
Today is a new day. What seems to be impossible yesterday has become possible with less efforts and speed of light. We thank God for his intervention, to Him be all the glory.
The future is certainly bright and there is enough space for everyone. No rough scheming out and no edging out.
Don’t say I am the best and don’t you ever say without me nothing can be achieved politically. No, refrain from unprogressive mindset. All but one goal for all to achieve, take over delta state in 2019.
The mistakes of the past must not be allowed to repeat itself. Pride, selfish self interest, pomposity, arrogance, unwarranted attacks and pull him down syndrome must be avoided with our last breathe. We must avoid conspiracy of any kind and work together in peace, love, unity of purpose and uncommon harmony.
Unhealthy hatred and dirty side talks are dangerous at this time and those who are truly happy with the new found unity and synergy should do all within their powers not to crack the walls before the time.
We are truly better today than yesterday. Divisive faction and unhealthy political loyalty must not come first. Therefore, let’s do this together with oneness and open heart, correcting one another, making quick amends to avoid conflicts of interest and heated political atmosphere that may give birth to another unprofitable exercise. God forbid.
If we are strategically coordinated with love, nurtured understanding devoid of self centeredness, pride, arrogance and unhealthy imposition, the Emerhor and Ogboru factor in APC Delta State will certainly serve as a positive remedy in the history of partisan politics for the good of all Deltans.
We expect a more positive synergy, healthy and reliable partnership between political leaders and stakeholders in the North, South and Central Senatorial districts. This foreseeable watertight collaboration would ultimately determine the shape of things to come.
The 2015 lesson is that politics can be very flexible and practitioners as well as major stakeholders must effectively manage disagreements, realignment and regrouping whenever the need arises.
We must not play politics of absolute or hate for life, it must be played for us to always come together to make society better for the good of all.
I conclude by congratulating our bosses and superlative leaders, Olorogun Otega Emerhor and Chief Great Ovedje Ogboru, for showing good example of how the game of politics should be played. No Victor, No vanquish. It is our turn to emulate them to move Delta State forward.
On the media and publicity front, I call on all aides of our two leaders (Emerhor and Ogboru) to form a watertight synergy so as to compliment the unique efforts of our leaders, going forward.

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Dr Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe is a member of the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (NIIA) and Convener of Rescue Delta Media Group (RDMG) of APC, Delta State.

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