when a Non-Governmental
Organisation, Fresh Insight
Foundation, donated school
uniforms, desks and lockers to three
schools in Bode Saadu, headquarters
of Moro Local Government area,
Ganmo, Ifelodun Local Government
and in Sango, Ilorin South Local
Government areas of Kwara State
In the exercise, which lasted
the whole day, no fewer than 300
benefited and the pupils of the lessprivileged
Nigerians were mostly the
beneficiaries of the donated items.
The foundation’s members and a
team of journalists, who traversed
the three Local Government areas of
the distribution of the school items
were shocked to see school pupils
in tattered uniforms, while some
trekked to school barefooted.
Sighting Umaru Zayaru, 11, a creche
pupil of Jihaddeen LGEA School
Bode-Saadu , in a tattered home cloth,
the entire team, led by its Director-
General, Comrade AbdulRasheed
Akogun, could not betray its
emotions and in an emotion laden
voice directed that the little Zayaru
be given a new uniform.
Before a twinkle of an eye, the little
Zayaru had adorned a new school
uniform and beamed with smile
while his classmates were hailing
him. For Zayaru, who treks almost
six Kilometres from Ina Ruwa village
to Bode-Saadu for schooling daily, it
was a new dawn in his life and was
full of praises to the foundation for the
provision of the new school uniform.
The 11-year-old school pupil who
spoke in Hausa said: “I don’t know
what to say because I have never
witnessed this before. I am very
grateful for this gift of new school
He went further: “I have a school
uniform but it has worn out and I
use my home wear as the alternative
whenever it is dirt. My parents
wished to change it for me but they
did not have the financial power
to do so. But now with this new
uniform, my parents’ wish has been
The gesture received a warm
reception from the teachers, Head
Master and particularly other pupils of
the school numbering 99, who shared
similar story as Zayaru, they were
elated and expressed appreciation
to the team for providing them with
new uniforms.
The elated Head Master of Jihaddeen
LGEA school, Mr Abdulkadir
Mahmud, who received the team
alongside his teachers, described the
gesture as a welcome development,
more willing to learn.
“There are so many children from
poor backgrounds, who their parents
can’t afford to provide them enough
educational materials, change their
wears and so on, to build in them the
right strength to compete academically
and this intervention will go a long
way,” she said.
Similarly, pupils of Ajegunle LGEA
Primary School, Sango, Ilorin, also got
a donation of 45 chairs and five tables.
The whole community stood still and
accorded the visiting team a rousing
welcome, while parents of the pupils
in the school were full of praises and
offered prayers to the foundation
for embarking on what they called
“humanitarian service”.
Commenting on the exercise, the
Director- General of the foundation,
Comrade Abdulrasheed Akogun, said
saying, “This is a wonderful
contribution done to this school and we
really appreciate this gesture which is
geared towards addressing some of the
challenges confronting the school”.
The story wasn’t different as Adeoye
Farouk, a pupil of Ipata ‘B’ LGEA,
Ilorin, who could not cease smiling
when called up to step forward to wear
a new uniform to replace his tattered
and worn out school wear. Farouk,
alongside other benefiting pupils of the
school scampered to have their new set
of uniforms, while the teachers in the
school helped to identify other pupils
who were known for wearing tattered
uniforms to the school.
The Head Mistress of the school,
Mrs. Mahmud Sikirat, said some of the
pupils in the school are majorly from
the poor backgrounds, adding that the
gesture will no doubt, spur them to be
“we live in a state where premium
hasn’t been placed on the educational
sector, how can a state have a future
without securing and preparing
the kids, provision of qualitative
education is the surest way of
securing the future of the state and
ensure it holds its head up high in the
committee of states.
“After our interaction with various
stakeholders in the educational sector,
we’ve come to the sad reality that
pupils’ enrollment in Kwara schools
are on the decline, due to varying
factors. A shocking revelation,
however, is the high rate of pupils
who either dropped out of school
or absented themselves from school
because their parents couldn’t provide
them school uniforms.
“A child that goes to school in
a tattered cloth is psychologically
traumatised and disadvantaged; and
inferiority complex wouldn’t allow
such a child to concentrate. Such a
child has been inadvertently set up
for failure.
“That’s why we squeezed out of
our lean resources and solicited
donations from other public spirited
individuals to come to the rescue by
complementing their parents and
government’s efforts through the
donation of school uniforms, chairs
and tables to some selected schools”
he added.
Recently, a Non-Governmental Organisation, Fresh Insight Foundation, traversed three Local Government areas of Kwara State to donate school
uniforms, desks and lockers to 300 pupils in the state. TOPE SUNDAY, who was part of the entourage reports.
A shocking revelation, however, is
the high rate of pupils who either
dropped out of school or absented
themselves from school because their
parents couldn’t provide them school

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