The bitter rivalry between members of the All Progressives Congress, APC, and Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in the South South has again been rekindled as Senator Ita Enang has been fingered in an alleged illegal demolition of a property of a PDP chieftain and financier in the zone, Prince Isokari Anyanwu, in Abuja.
Trouble started after the Special Adviser to the President on National Assembly Matters (Senate) was said to have acquired a land in reserved green area, plot 768, close to the property belonging to Prince Anyanwu, Plot N0 885, Cadastral Zone B01, Gudu District
in Apo Legislative Quarters, Abuja.
In a bid to expand his access to the land, the presidential aide is said to have wielded his huge influence on Acting Director of the Development Control Unit of the Federal Capital Development Authority, FCDA, Hamza Tayyub Madaki, who mobilized his workers to bring down Isokari’s perimeter fence on December 30, last year to create room for Enang’s access route.
Following protests to relevant authorities by Isokari, who said he was not served any notice for breaching any law and he has all the necessary approvals for his building and the fence wall, other officials of FCDA like the Abuja Environmental Protection Board, AEPB, and Engineering Unit visited the site to confirm his claims.
However, because of the quantum of the damage, Isokari Anyanwu approached the court to seek compensation against the FCDA officials that were mobilized to illegally demolish the fence.
On Tuesday when the Rivers PDP chieftain started reconstruction of the fence the presidential aide was said to have contacted the Acting Director of Development Control who again led a squad to bring down the fence.
Prince Sokari Anyanwu, while responding to the recent demolition of fences on his property called on President Muhammadu Buhari to call his aides to order, saying that “a situation where aides of the President will use his office to harass, intimidate, coarse and blackmail citizens for his selfish gains is uncalled for.”
He also lamented the flagrant violation of law by Mr. Madaki and Senator Enang as the matter on the demolition of the fences have since been presented before a court of law for determination and there is no reason why the FCDA and Senator Enang will not wait for the court ruling except the duo have something to hide.
“This is another wakeup call to President Buhari to be cautious of his aide who will stop at nothing to use his position as Special Adviser to the President on National Assembly Matters to commit actions that are injurious not only to the President, but also to all Nigerians.”
Prince Anyanwu also alleged that the plot of land Senator Enang acquired to build his structure is a reserved green area and that he has no approved plan to erect any structure on the land.
He explained that because houses are not expected to be built on the land, that was why there was no provision for standard access road to the land, which informed the plot to destroy his own fence to pave way for the presidential aide.
He challenged Senator Enang to make public his building approval plan and the survey covering of plot 768, Gudu District, Apo Legislative Quarters, Abuja.
“I confronted him and I took his pictures and he went and called Development Control officials to destroy my fence for him to have access to the green area where he has his building”, he added
In a telephone interview, Senator Enang denied ownership of any property behind or near Isokari’s building in Apo Legislative quarter and stressed he knew nothing about the matter.
He also debunked allegations that he instigated the demolition of Isokari’s fence by FCDA officials.
“My plot of land? I am not aware of such thing. If there is any such thing I think it is the FCDA that you should see.
“I don’t have any plot of land behind him.”
When Nigerian Pilot sought clarification of his statement that he does not own any piece of land near Isokari’s property he laid emphasis on not having any plot of land “behind” Isokari’s property.
“I don’t have any plot of land behind him.”
He also pleaded that he should not be mentioned in the story in the demolition of the victim’s fence, stressing that he is not in any way involved.
“Please, please get me out of the story, I don’t know you and you don’t know me. How did you get my number?
“I am not aware, I am not involved at all. These are not the type of things I should be talking about.”

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