sdsdPresident Muhammadu Buhari yesterday said Boko Haram terrorism as well as their ideology will soon be defeated and consigned to history.
The President, represented by his Vice, Prof Yemi Osinbajo, stated this at the graduating ceremony of Senior Executive Course 37 participants of the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies, NIPSS, in Kuru near Jos.
According to him, “We are rapidly degrading their defensive and offensive capabilities and their end is near,” adding that his administration was committed to wiping them out of the country.
“However, the more crucial task confronting us is the task of defeating the false and evil ideology of violent extremism. We need to build the civic capacity to defeat the false and dangerous premises and assumptions of violent extremism.
“Never again should we allow mindless violence, inspired by false and evil precepts to threaten our national security. Let me call on persons or groups in the country who have some grievances or dissatisfaction to submit to peaceful and democratic means of expressing themselves. Your right to protest is limited by the right of others to safety and peaceful coexistence.”
It could be recalled that as part of his campaign and inauguration promises on May 29, the President charged the National Institute, the Nation think tank, to come up with a set of proposals for the comprehensive study of the scourges facing the nation with a view to forestalling future occurrence in the country, knowing full well that the Institute played a critical role in the application of strategic policies to the nation’s growth and development.
He congratulate the 63 participants of Course 37 on their graduation as well their submitted report on education. Title: Educational System for Global Competitiveness. The President maintained that the educational system in the Country was in a dangerous parlous state. “We must focus on early child education and equipping our teachers in meeting up with the challenges of the 21st Century as a nation,” he stated.
Speaking earlier, the Director General of the Institute Prof. Tijani Mohammed Bande reaffirm that the implementation of course 37 reports on education would change the face of Nigeria’s educational system.
The 63 participants of Courses 37 this year has constituted a total number of 1,781 members in the country since its establishment in 1979, he added.