Enugu State House of Assembly has condemned attempt by the state government to concession the state water supply to a private company, AG Gold Trust for 25 years.
The House equally condemned the unlawful allocation of land at government designated areas like the land near the House of Assembly complex as well as the land around the International Conference Centre that have been under construction since the last administration.
Commenting on the motion brought before the House by member representing Nkanu West state constituency, Hon. Iloabuchi Aniagu, speaker of the House, Hon. Eugene Odo said Governor Sullivan Chime had the right to allocate land but that it must be done with decorum, bearing in mind public interest.
He condemned particularly the allocation of land around government establishments like the House of Assembly complex and the International Conference Centre to private individuals, saying that it fell short of representation of public interest to tamper with such government property.
While condemning the concessioning of the water corporation, the House urged Gov. Chime and the AG GOld Trust to desist forthwith from meddling with the idea of taking over water supply in the state in the interest of the general public.
“The concessioning of water supply to a private company is unacceptable and it is condemned by all,” Hon. Odo points out.