Bitter and agony days which hitherto had betide motorists in Enugu metropolis over traffic offences seem to be coming back as officials of the Ministry of Transport, MOT, have started clamping vehicles for traffic offences again.
Officials of the Ministry were observed to have started clamping vehicles along some major roads while some uniformed men from the local governments in the capital territory have also started harassing motorists for supposed wrong parking and for beating traffic lights.
Owing to the hardship and anxiety created in the minds of motorists in Enugu and visitors to the Coal City, Gov. Ugwuanyi had in October last year banned the further collection of fines from motorists and the harassing of motorists for whatever reasons.
Motorists were charged as high as N25,000 for wrong parking or for beating traffic lights. Though the measure was temporarily halted, it seems the practice has returned as some cars were clamped over the weekend.
It was gathered that the uniformed officials of MOT now move about in vehicles seeking vehicles to clamp in the city.
Nigerian Pilot Sunday recalls that before Gov. Ugwuanyi eventually put a halt to the exercise last year, motorists had been at their toes as various groups that include Easi Park, Enugu Capital Territory, police traffic wardens, as well as local government officials from the three local governments that made up the capital territory were milking motorists.
The ugly days are gradually creeping back and it has not been officially announced so that motorists will brace themselves.
The MOT officials, who were sighted clamping vehicles along Ogui Road at the weekend, Friday, kept sealed lips over their activities and it was not easy to get the Commissioner for Transport, Mr. Vitus Okechi, to comment on the new development as his cell phone was not responding at the time of filing the report.

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