Chairman of the ECOWAS Regional Electricity Regulatory Authority, ERERA, El Hadj Ibrahima Thiam, has extolled the many values of the ECOLink project, a newly introduced integrated management system to reshape the administrative, financial, procurement and human resources management in ECOWAS.
El Hadj Thiam who spoke at the launch of the project in Accra on Friday, said “ECOLink will enable us at ERERA to integrate applications that access standardized enterprise data for all ECOWAS institutions and agencies”.
A statement from ECOWAS said the project was introduced by the Commission in 2014 to harmonize and improve business processes across all ECOWAS institutions across West Africa, noting that it has been adapted for ERERA, taking into account its peculiar needs.
While highlighting the project’s many other advantages, the ERERA boss declared: “ECOLink will boost Community citizens’ confidence in our institution as it will help promote transparency and accountability”.
Similarly, he said it would boost the confidence of the institution’s partners as well as further deepen the collaboration between them in favour of the West African integration agenda.
In a brief remark at the launching ceremony, the ECOWAS Commissioner for Finance and sponsor of the project, Mrs. Khadi Ramatu Saccoh, expressed delight that ECOLink would certainly strengthen ERERA in fulfilling its mandate for the benefit of the respective economies of ECOWAS Member States.
According to her, this is because ECOLink is part of the institutional reforms initiated for ECOWAS institutions to ensure greater efficiency and relevance.
Commissioner Saccoh described ERERA as “a sign of regional integration progress in West Africa”, considering its role in providing electricity regulatory services between Member States and thus “ensuring economic efficiency and investment relevance”.
A team of ECOLink project experts with ERERA staff demonstrated the functioning of the project, after which it was launched for ERERA.