Te l e c o m m u n i c a t i o n s
Company has renovated and
remodelled some schools
across key communities in
Nigeria under its Adopt-
A-School initiative. In
addition to the renovation
and remodelling of the
school buildings, Etisalat
also equipped the adopted
schools through the
donation of Information and
Communication Technology
(ICT) facilities, laboratory
equipment, textbooks and
back- to-school kits amongst
Adopt-A-School is one
of the platforms through
which Etisalat implements
its core Corporate Social
Responsibility strategy
which is built around three
pillars: Education, Health
and Environment. Among
the schools that have
benefitted from Etisalats
recent interventions are Girls
Government College, Dala,
Kano State; Edward Blyden
Memorial Primary School
Okesuna, Lagos State; and
Akande Dahunsi Memorial
Junior and Senior High
Schools, Ikoyi, Lagos State.
Other schools we have
supported under the broad
umbrella of Educational
sustenance are Igwe-Uwokwu
Village School in Oju Local
Government Area, Benue
State; and Nuhu Bamali
Primary School, Fadi Sanka
community in Zaria, Kaduna
Speaking on the telcos
passion for investment
in the education sector,
Director, Regulatory Social
Responsibility, Etisalat
Nigeria, Ikenna Ikeme, said
these interventions were
aimed at supporting the
respective state governments
to further improve the
learning and teaching
environment, thereby raising
the standard of education in
the country. He added that
feedback received from the
schools show improvement in
school enrolment, attendance
and quality of teaching.
Ikeme said, Etisalats Adopta-
School initiative avails
students in governmentowned
primary and secondary
schools access to high-quality
qualitative education as well
as a range of modern education
facilities. The initiative aims to
provide an environment that
is conducive for learning, to
the benefit of students across
the country.
He further restated the
company’s unwavering
commitment to continuing
to support government in
ensuring that Nigeria meets
the Sustainable Development
Goals especially Goal 4, which
is to ensure inclusive and
equitable quality education
and promote lifelong learning
opportunities for all.
As a company that is
committed to the development
of Nigerian youth, Etisalat
Nigeria recognises education
as the bedrock of sustainable
development, which is why
education is one of our core
three CSR pillars. We shall
continue to do more in this
regard. One of our key goals
is to help Nigeria meet the
objective of the Sustainable
Development Goals, notably
Goal 4, Ikeme stressed.
In the first phase of
renovations at Girls
Government College, Dala,
Etisalat Nigeria refurbished
several facilities including the
ICT Centre to which it donated
30 desktop computers;
the library was fitted with
furniture and stocked with
textbooks and other study
materials; Kwankwaso Hostel
Block was renovated; while
a modern science laboratory,
solar-powered potable water
facility and chairs and tables
were also provided for seven
The second phase of
renovation work at the school
covered refurbishment and
the upgrade of two blocks
of classrooms; provision of
water supply to three hostel
blocks; renovation of the
sick bay; provision of critical
supplies such as mattresses
and insecticide treated nets to
hostels and sick bays.
At Edward Blyden Memorial
Primary School, Etisalat
carried out the flooring of the
school compound; refurbished
the school toilets, carried out
plumbing repairs; conducted
repair of leaking roofs in some
classrooms; and provided
library shelves and textbooks.
In Benue State, Etisalat
partnered with Mercy Azozo
Foundation on its Knowledge
on Wheels project, aimed at
providing schools in rural
communities and equipping
them with needed resources.
Through this partnership,
Etisalat invested in Igwe-
Uwokwu village school where
it provided pupils and teachers
with learning and teaching
aids. Etisalat Nigeria also
remodeled the school building
and donated 30 desktop
computers to Nuhu Bamali
Primary School, Fadi Sanka
community in Zaria, Kaduna
State. In addition Akande
Dahunsi Memorial Junior and
Senior High Schools in Ikoyi,
had their biology, chemistry
and physics laboratories
equipped; furniture donated
to ten classrooms; as well as
the provision of a projector,
laptops, a router, and free
internet access.
Other areas of support
provided by Etisalat at Akande
Dahunsi Memorial Junior and
Senior High Schools in Ikoyi
last year, include the repair
of a water treatment plant,
reconnection of the schools to
the general power grid, as well
as other sundry repair works
carried out in the schools.

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