A London court on Friday sentenced, a former British soldier to life in prison, after he was found guilty of waging a bombing campaign that killed a U.S. soldier in Iraq.
Sue Hemming, Britain’s Chief Prosecutor for Counter-Terrorism, said 38 year old, Abid Sardar, was sentenced to a 38-year minimum term.
This followed his conviction for murder and conspiracy to murder by making bombs used against coalition forces in Iraq in 2007.

She said that Sardar was the first person convicted in Britain for fighting against coalition forces in Iraq.
Hemming said that he had joined others in “working with murderous intent against coalition forces.
“Anis Sardar is a highly dangerous man who created bombs so large, that not only did they tragically kill Sergeant Randy Johnson, but they put other lives in danger and caused significant damage to heavily armoured U.S. military vehicles.’’
Hemming said that Sardar was arrested last year, when he was working as a taxi driver in London, after U.S. forensic officers found his fingerprints on some of the bombs.
The prosecutors said that at his trial, he admitted “taking up arms against Shia militia north-west of Baghdad,” in the area where the bombs were found.