A chieftain of All Progressives Congress, APC, and governorship hopeful in Kogi, Prince Abubakar Audu has declared that the state required urgent teamwork with a view to developing it. AUDU, who spoke through his media team in a statement yesterday in Abuja, regretted that Kogi State has become the most underdeveloped and backward state in the country.
He therefore promised to liberate the state from degenerating into a failed state if re-elected in the forthcoming gubernatorial election.
Audu maintained that, rather than self-serving, he was on a mission to rescue the state and bringing it back to the cradle it was known for.
While assessing the current condition of the state, the ex-governor regretted that Kogi State has become a laughing stock, having been rated the most underdeveloped and backward state in the country.
He declared that the unpleasant situation in the state informed his resolve to yield to calls on him from various quarters both within and outside the state to re-contest the office.
Audu explained that the pressures on him to re-contest the
governorship poll “is because of what I did when I was in office some 13 years ago.”
According to him, “When I was in office as the executive Governor, Kogi State was rated the fastest growing state in the whole federation and I was the best performing governor in Nigeria.”
He said “but some self-serving politicians in the state connived with Abuja and they used the federal might to rig me out of office in 2003 and the consequences of this is the wrecked state with absolute dearth of infrastructural development.
“My detractors will have nothing to fear because I am not coming for vengeance. All my time will be preoccupied with infrastructural and human development. So I won’t think of vendetta, that is not my mission.
“It is only because what they did to me is haunting them and that is why they are on that assumption. As far as I am concerned I have more important things to do than thinking about who offended me and who did not offend me.”
The ex-governor left the office on May 29, 2003 and there is a
renewed pressure on him by majority of the people across the
three senatorial districts in the state asking that he should come back in 2016 to continue the good work.

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