Immediate past Benue State Governor, Gabriel Suswam has attributed the long court cases against his re-election in 2011 as major factor responsible for his inability to give the people of the state the desired leadership.
He explained that he was in court for four years and the intention was to distract him from performing. In his words: “All of us know what happened in 2011; I won the elections but I was in court for four years, and the intention was to distract me. It was either I forged results or people claiming their mandate, whether you like it or not, there is no way such issues will arise that you will not be distracted.”
Suswam, who spoke to some select journalists in Abuja on issues surrounding his tenure, explained that he attended Government College, and SBS, Makurdi where he produced one of the best results at that time before proceeding to the Universities of Lagos, Abuja and Jos for his A-levels.
“I didn’t go to Toronto; the intention was to distract me. I was in court for four years and the case ended when I was leaving office.”
The ex-governor further said that his effort to develop the state in the first four years of his administration was frustrated by the people, explaining that, “when you are a young leader, people tend to draw you back. I went all out when I assumed office and decided to address the issues of infrastructure and at the same time building rural roads and three major water works, but the people did not understand what I was doing.”
The former governor explained that he could not diversify the state into agriculture because the basic things that were needed at that time were not there, adding that he needed to fix them first before going into the agricultural sector.
“I assumed office in 2007 and if you are familiar with Benue, you will know that the state is basically rural, there was no way to engage in mechanized or large scale farming. One of the factors that contributed to making agriculture viable is that there must be free movement of goods.’’

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