A former Minister of Water Resources and Youth Development, who is a founder of a nongovernmental organisation, Mothers of Vision Development Initiative, MOVDI, Mrs. Salome Jankada has called on Nigerians to be change agents with a view to making the country a better place.
Speaking at a press briefing in Abuja yesterday, Mrs. Jankada said although the organisation is a humanitarian one there is a need to make Nigerians to realize that the change Nigerians want cannot come from the president alone, adding that there is a need for grassroots awareness.
Mrs Jankada explained that MOVDI is in full support of president Buhari’s fight against corruption, adding that funds recovered can go a long way in providing basic infrastructure for Nigerians in the rural areas.
She added that, while the humanitarian service of MOVDI was going on with its activities to touch lives positively, it also decided as part of its support for the change agenda of the federal government, come up with the slogan ‘be the change you want to see’ as a way of creating awareness to every Nigerian especially in the grass root and called on citizens to adopt it as it will serve as a guide in their various activities.
Speaking on the number of females in the ministerial list, the former minister said that the Nigerian constitution has stated the criteria for selection of ministers, adding that because women have failed before, they will to have prove themselves worthy of getting any political appointment.
She further appealed to Nigerians to show love to one another as it will help in effecting change in the country.

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