Former National Auditor, Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Barrister Ray Nnaji, has commended President Muhammadu Buhari’s anti-corruption stance, even as he acknowledged that the economy is in ‘comatose.’
Speaking in an exclusive interview with Nigerian Pilot in his office, Nnaji said because of the way the president has tackled corruption, a lot of public office holders are now afraid to put their hands into the till.
He added that Buhari is committed to wiping out corruption and that people have started believing in hard work rather than milking the nation dry through dubious means.
“Government has actually addressed the issue of corruption even if it is not ‘maximally’ done. At least, a lot of people are now afraid to mess around with public funds. The economy as it stands is in comatose, but there are efforts towards addressing it,” Nnaji said.
Nnaji, a former Commissioner in Enugu State, said though the value of the naira has fallen and prices of goods are on the increase, there is hope that with the economic policy adopted by the All Progressives Congress-led government, tomorrow might be better.
The former PDP chieftain partly blamed his party for the current economic woes, saying things were going awry and nothing was done to stem the drift.
“I must tell you the truth; our party in the past did not help matters. A lot of things were going wrong and there were no efforts to redress them and that was why we lost the election,” Nnaji averred.
He, however, said his position is not an indictment of his party because he remains a PDP man and is not in a hurry to dump it.
“I am talking as an individual. I am not talking as a party man. I am a member of the PDP and I am not in a hurry to leave it, but I must always say the truth no matter whose ox is gored.”

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  • Dika

    Going by the way things transpired, I believe this. The man had said he was not going to contest again, only for him renege. When asked why, he replied that his associates drafted him. With Tinubu – the snake – being one of the associates and indeed being primarily responsible for his emergence, one cannot but open ones eyes. Tinubu cannot be trusted and I hope Buhari can put him in his place if he wins… Looks like the George Bush situation in the US where the neo-cons chose him primarily for his popularity and not ability. We all saw how it panned out…

  • Tunde

    Tinubu is a dangerous man. Nigerians beware. Don’t be fooled by him.