FRIDAY’S inauguration of the new Board of Niger Delta Development Corporation, NDDC, by President Muhammadu Buhari has continued to elicit jubilations in all the states of the Niger Delta, especially among the various youth groups in that region. Specifically, the inauguration of the new NDDC Board with Mr. Isima Ekere as the Managing Director is highly applauded by Southern Youth Leadership Forum. Dr. Bassey Akpan, spokesman of the Forum and leader of Akwa Ibom Future Project, said that
with this inauguration, President Muhammadu Buhari has not only demonstrated his commitment to ensuring that right persons are put in charge of all vital sectors of the Nigerian economy, but has also established that his administration is genuinely determined to bringing about real development of the Niger Delta. Dr. Bassey said that the inauguration with Ekere, an accomplished technocrat and strategist in the saddle as boss of NDDC, will bring succour and massive infrastructural
development to the entire Niger Delta region in due course. Saying that Mr. Ekere “Is a reputed strategist, careful planner and visionary leader with deft understanding of Niger Delta politics and socio-economic issues”, Bassey told News men that he is highly respected throughout the region as a man that can be trusted with the socio-economic upliftment of the Niger Delta. Furthermore, Bassey said the several youth groups in the Niger Delta have expressed their optimism and confidence in Ekere and the rightly placed expectation that his appointment as NDDC Managing Director means “peace, development and infrastructural rebirth of the region generally”. Ekere, he said, “Is a leader at home with every segment of the Niger Delta across ethnic lines, a man who understands the socioeconomic needs and aspiration of the people in all the states of the region and will particularly reach out to every youth group in order to guarantee its peace and economic stability”. Speaking in the same breath from Port Harcourt, Rivers State,Chief Fredrick Anakra, another notable you leader in the Niger Delta, thanked President Buhari for his “wisdom in appointing Mr. Nsima Ekere as NDDC boss”. Chief Anakra appealed to Niger Delta youths to put a stop to vandalisation of oil installations in the region and allow peace to reign. As he put it, “It is an atmosphere of peace that the Niger Delta can actualise the motive of setting up NDDC for the overall development of the region. As also espoused by Dr. Bassey, Chief Anakra said there cannot be any meaningful socioeconomic and infrastructural development of the Niger Delta”. It is in atmosphere of peace that our leader, Mr. Nsima Ekere, can unleash his progressive leadership antecedent and make Niger Delta a region of massive socio-economic and infrastructural development”, he said and asked all Niger Delta people to cooperate with the Ekere led NDDC.

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