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Experience: How Rich Nigerians, Families hijacked Abuja/Kaduna Train



This is perhaps the sad and concluding experience of a Nigerian, name with held, who recently recalled an experience at the Rigasa train terminal in Kaduna. His tale speaks of how the rich in the country takes advantage of everything, using the vantage position, only for themselves and family members.

Yunusa (not his real name) lamented again, exclaiming nonetheless that, ”THEY HAVE FINALLY HIJACKED ABUJA/KADUNA TRAIN.”

Recalling the incident, he noted that the nove -rich and their family members are beginning to be afraid to travel on the dreaded Kaduna / Abuja highway which had been their motor way for the exclusive rich who brandish all manner of latest automobiles on the highways with their family members at every beck and call and for every, slightest wedding, death or cruising just for the fun of it. “But today they are afraid of using road for fear of being kidnapped.

He said “A few days ago, I went to Rigasa in Kaduna around 1:00 pm to board the 2:30 afternoon train.

I was shocked at the crowd I saw there.The number and qualities of cars bringing passengers was amazing.

I saw the rich and over fed elites, their wives and ajebo children in hundreds.They are afraid of going to Abuja on the road.I went and joined a long queue with the intention of buying a ticket.

Less than 30 minutes later, we were informed that the tickets have been exhausted.We were told that they will still sell tickets without seat numbers.

When I asked what that meant, I was told it is for those willing to stand as the tickets with seat numbers have finished.I opened my eyes wide in surprise!

Buy a ticket and stand for 2 hours?No way!I boldly told those around me I was going by road.Some looked at me and said they will wait for the 6:00 pm train.Others said they are willing to stand in the train from Kaduna to Abuja.

That is how pervasive and endemic the fear of going to Abuja by road has become.I looked at the faces of the rich around me and smelt real fear.A fear they created.

Most of them made money by no hard work.They looted government money and created a rift and gap between the rich and the poor.They made sure the middle class system was completely eroded.
It is either you are stinkingly rich or you are hopelessly poor.

And they flaunted what they stole without shame and created enemies.

They denied the poor education, health, roads and other infrastructure that spelled good governance.Today the poor have nothing to eat but the rich.And the rich cringe in fear.

Well, I left them in their paranoid state and went to board a car to Abuja.I can face the road.

I am not a rich man.It is just that the kidnappers do not know the difference now.

God should save us.

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