An expert with the International Health Consult, IHC, Mr Caleb Anyankpele, yesterday said constant exercise and diet control was key to preventing the likelihood of contracting chronic diseases.
While speaking during a health seminar tagged; “Balance Diet and Chronic Disease Prevention”, he said that deadly and incurable diseases, such as heart, kidney and chronic respiratory diseases, stroke, cancer and diabetes, were often caused by poor nutrition and unhealthy lifestyle.
Anyankpele stated that a healthy lifestyle included five per cent sugar consumption, 15 percent of protein, 30 per cent fruits and vegetables, and 50 per cent of whole grains.
He said persons who imbibed such daily lifestyle had high chances of living a healthy and long life.
Anyankpele observed persons who were not financially stable most often had a daily diet, which included 50 per cent of fats and sugar, 30 per cent protein, 15 per cent fruits and vegetables and five per cent whole grain.
He stated that lifestyle often increased the chances of contracting chronic diseases.
“But the good news is that the World Health Organisation, WHO, Centre for Disease Control, CDC, and other global health authorities have identified that chronic diseases are preventable through diet improvement, lifestyle change and also taking supplements as they contain minerals, vitamins, lipids and enzymes.
“Supplements also contain sterols that are gotten naturally from fruits, vegetables, whole grains and other natural sources. They help to prevent allthese chronic diseases,” Anyankpele said.
He advised that Omega 3 salmon fish oils be consumed often as it kept the heart healthy, strong and prevented the chances of experiencing a heart attack.
He added that Omega 3 salmon fish oil clears cholesterol from the arteries and veins, lubricates the joints and eases joint pain, and improves metal alertness and memory improvement.
“The oil also enhances erection in men, relieves heart burn, chest pain and reduces excessive panting after exercise.”
Anyankpele said that consumption of whole grain such as wheat prevents the risks of diverticulitis, colon cancer, coronary disease and breast cancer, adding that it also fights fever and malaria, adding that it clears toxic substances and carcinogens in the intestine, stating that it boosts the immune system as it contains fibre, mineral and vitamins B1, B2, B6 and E.
He noted that many persons died daily from various forms of cancer which was mostly triggered by unhealthy diet and lifestyle.
Anyankpele listed the major causes of cancer to include constant consumption of frozen and processed foods, cigarette smoking, alcohol and carbonated drinks.
He further advised that persons who were ageing should reduce or stop excessive consumption of milk, sugar, salt, fatty foods, starchy foods and oil as the body can no longer process these foods as it used to, warning that ageing persons should consume more supplements than drugs as constant drug intake also has an adverse effect on the body.

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