President Muhammadu Buhari has been called upon to immediately embark on developmental policies.
Speaking with Journalists in Lagos, Tola Mosaku, a Doctorate Degree Student in Research and Public Policies at the University of Lagos, said the only way out of the precarious moment for the country is for the president to embark on developmental policies.
According to him, any daring situation like this requires technical policy approach which will bring innovations and save many from the common problems of unemployment, corruption and other social vices.
“This kind of approach was what led former President Olusegun Obasanjo to create programmes like privatisation, service delivery and many more which later gave birth to employment opportunities that should be the priority of every good leader.’’
Mosaku maintained that the president needs to look inward, as most of his cabinet members are old folks who may not be able to bring the desired change.
He stressed that an enabling environment must be provided for entrepreneurs which would solve the problem of naira devaluation.
He also emphasised that ethical values must be embedded in our school curriculum like what we used to have in the past, adding that with this the problem of Boko Haram and robbery would be eradicated.

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