A cultural industry entrepreneur and Chief Executive Officer of White Cloud Cultural Industry Limited, Netufo Olunranti, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to create a cultural enterprise office under the presidency with a view to harnessing public private partnership, PPP, for development of the sector.
Besides, he pointed out that, Nigeria amongst other West African countries, is endowed with a lot of cultural and natural resources which until now are yet to be utilised to full potentials that if harnessed would boost cultural industries for sustainable development in the growing economy like ours.
“If President Muhammadu Buhari cannot create the Ministry of Textile and Craft because craft is part of cultural industry, he should create an office called Cultural Enterprise Office to be supervised directly by the presidency.
“I can tell you that if government places serious emphasis on cultural industries under the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and National Orientation and give priority to cultural industries in that ministry, I think we can have a lot of jobs created by that ministry.”
The manager of cultural industry centre in Abuja who was recently sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce said the previous government paid less attention to the sector, thereby resulting in the number of employed youths in the country.
It would be recalled that researches and statistics have shown that cultural industries contribute immensely to sustainable socio-economic development and poverty eradication.

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