Lagos State Director of National Institute for Cultural Orientation, NICO, Mr Louis Eriomala, yesterday advised Nigerians to always speak their indigenous languages so as to retain and maintain their individual identities.
Eriomala disclosed in Lagos that the existence of a particular language depends on its constant or remote usage by its owners and that language generally is important but that the moment it goes into extinction, the owners or speakers would stop existing.
According to him, the genuine foundation of individuals or group of people can be traced to the indigenous languages they speak.
“The existence of a particular language depends on its usage; it is a symbol of identity for a group of people and we all need to protect these languages so that we can keep existing and projecting it to the foreign world.”
Eriomala noted that children had stopped identifying with and projecting their traditional and indigenous dances and music; rather, they embrace hip-hop and other western dances.
“These children should be re-orientated to understand the benefits inherent in projecting our culture and creating our identity.”
He said that Nigerians were known to have fantastic and decent dress sense, but most of the nation’s youths now dressed indecently because of their exposure to Western culture.
“Our culture naturally instills morals in us, men now `sag’ their trousers, while women dress half naked and this practice does not present us in good light before the public.”
Eriomala advised parents, teachers and elders in the society to instill morals in their children and wards for a more decent society to evolve.

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