Vice President, Association of Nigerian Authors, ANA Mr. Denja Abdulahi, has called for a fresh approach in literary works for the sake of reviving the nation’s fading culture’’.
Denja also urged Nigerians to embrace literary writing as a means of helping to preserve the country’s culture and tradition, as well as providing a ready means of earning a decent living.
Speaking in an interview, the ANA chieftain said, “We cannot let our culture die; our forefathers passed on cultural values to us, so what are we going to pass on to our children and generations unborn.
“In Yoruba land we were taught to prostrate when greeting an elder but what do we have today; children who do not greet elders outside their homes.
“If they will greet, they do that standing, or by simply saying `hi’’ and walking away without showing respect; prostrating or bowing is simply an act of respect.
“`Popular Zzigima singer Bright Chimezie sang, `in Africa , we don’t just say good morning and walk away, we ask about your father, your mother and the rest of the family’.
“That is an African way of greeting.’’
According to Abdulahi, this is part of our culture that should be written as Novels, Drama, Poetry and Short Stories in order to pass down “our culture to the next generation’’.
“Remember, whatever is not written did not happen, so let us put our culture down in writing and preserve them for our future generations.
“When we put these things down, foreigners who read about us will understand our values and cultures even without coming to Nigeria,’’ he noted.
Abdulahi, who is also a director at the National Council for Art and Culture, Abuja, noted that, in addition to preserving cultures, literary works could serve as a means of making a living.
“There is financial gain for literary works; for example in play writing, you gain financially when your play is performed or is bought out rightly.
“Your work could be good and could be incorporated into the syllabus of secondary school or institutions of higher learning, in which case there are often huge financial rewards,’’ he said.

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