Erstwhile Governor of Anambra State, Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezeife yesterday slammed previous Nigerian leaders for failing to engender the needed developmental indices since the country got its independence in 1960.
Ezeife, who spoke at the annual Nigerian Pilot/Nigerian Newsworld anniversary which held at Transcorp Hilton in Abuja however expressed optimism that Nigeria as the most populous nation in the continent would bounce back to reckoning if the current political leaders in various communities, local government and states would rise up to the responsibility of reinforcing sound governmental policies.
The former Anambra governor who sailed to power in 1992 through the Social Democratic Party, SDP platform equally blamed himself and the military leaders for not living up to expectation as the then leaders.
According to him, “most of us including I standing before you have not done enough to rescue Nigeria. If you look at this country, you will not doubt what God’s purpose is. When you look at Nigeria, you will see that God designed us for unmatched greatness.
“Our military in those days used tribes and religious sentiments to manipulate Nigerians to believe that Nigeria is not working. In Nigeria, we have so many talents from so many tribes and we have been patriotic before as part of black African.
“I don’t know what we are doing with education. Our soccer players are being called names by the whites. Our black men are being called different names, it wasn’t so before. Before, Africa showed something good. We were enjoying God’s gift in form of our environmental balance.
“We started science and technology but we later treated knowledge as something for the initiators alone. The white man took over from us and continued improving on it while we blacks sat back to just enjoy good environment, good volcanoes.”
Talking about ceaseless religious and ethnic crisis in the country, the Third Republican Governor said, “It is cheer wickedness and laziness to continue quarrelling over what does not make sense. Unity is the force our nation is waiting to bind.”